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Some good customer service for a change
Sunday 30th September 2012 4:56 pm

I needed some new bras, so last weekend I went to Marks and Spencer, found one I liked and bought it. But they only have one of each size in the shop, so I had to go home and order some more on their website (you could do it in the shop, but the website was simpler).

Amusingly standard p&p is £3.50 and it cost me to £3.70 to get to the shop. But as that would mean it would be delivered on any day, I opted to pay £4.95 to get it delivered yesterday as I would be in.

So in the afternoon one of my neighbours dropped the package round saying the delivery man had asked them to take it in as I was out. Which I wasn't. My doorbell's so loud I expect my neighbours on either side can hear it, so I can guarantee no one rung it. I didn't do anything so loud that I wouldn't have heard anyone knock on the door.

So I went on the website and complained - what was the point of me paying extra to get it delivered when I was in if they're not going to bother delivering it? I thought about asking for the difference between £4.95 and £3.50 back, but I thought that would be pushing it and I'd be lucky to get them to acknowledge anything was wrong.

But I was wrong - they apologised, said they'd speak to City Link and have refunded me £4.95! Which all makes a nice change.

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A catch-up
Sunday 30th September 2012 10:13 am

Every day this week I've got into work, thought I've not got much on and ended up being really busy. So by Friday when I went to see Alan Davies I spent the second half alternating between laughing and yawning.

This week I'm hoping won't be as busy as I'm out three nights in a row. And then I get to spend Friday avoiding the internet so I don't see any Red Dwarf spoilers.

But I did find the time to do my Yuletide nominations (Sarah Jane Smith audios, Sadler's Wells, Big Finish: Counter-Measures). But what I'm most looking forward to in this year's Yuletide is being able to write Treats and offering to write fandoms that I'd have to do some research in before I write because there's actually time to do that this year.

Last night I thought I was awake enough to stay up and watch The Thick of It. Although I still managed not to get to it before the PVR started taping it. And then when I watched it I thought it had started a minute early and when I came to watch it on the iPlayer I found I'd actually missed the first seven minutes. It did make so much more sense once I'd watched the first seven minutes (especially the reminder of what happened two weeks ago).

Edit: After a few minutes work I now have an entirely appropriate Thick of It icon The Thick of It
although that text looks better on my computer. What's that font that looks good at size 6?

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Sadlers Wells
Monday 24th September 2012 8:26 pm

Last year, after Yuletide, I thought I should re-read the Sadler Wells series close to the next Yuletide so then I can read fic in it and know who the characters are. I promptly forgot this until people started posting about canons etc, so then I went and re-read them. Well, the first twelve books anyway, the last two are hundreds of pounds.

They're a series by Lorna Hill involving various girls going to the Royal Ballet School (which used to be called Sadlers Wells, and was when she started writing them, hence the name of the series). I read the first eight when I was a child (it was, I think, the first fandom I ever tried writing fanfic for - although I didn't know what fanfic was then). It was only when I was re-reading books I read as a child a few years ago that I discovered there were more books.

I thought it might also be interesting to see if the ballet bits made more sense now I'd done some ballet. The answer is... not really. Most of it is either obvious roughly what it is or could be anything but it doesn't matter. Knowing that a pas de chat is actually a sideways jump over a short fence (and isn't really anything to do with cats) doesn't make much difference to me when I'm reading the characters executing one.

Not that there's a great deal of ballet going on. A lot of the books concern the hard life of a girl who has some ballet lessons and is really good at it (and more often than not, short, looks younger than her age and is pale with big, dark eyes). Some of them get into the Wells at the end of the book and that's pretty much it. The earlier books are better, dealing with people going through multiple books, but then it descends into a girl per book, who gets mentioned in the next one if you're lucky.

So I think I'm going to request it for Yuletide - I feel that Rosanna got particularly shafted there. So unless I change my mind my Yuletide requests are going to be Sarah Jane Smith audios, Make It or Break It, Vorkosigan Saga (some of which I re-read over the summer) and Sadlers Wells.

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The Thick of It
Sunday 23rd September 2012 8:18 pm

A week late, but here is Malcolm describing Ollie's favourite film in last week's The Thick of It (for Malcolm the swearing's quite restrained: he only uses the f word three times).

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The end of summer
Tuesday 18th September 2012 9:02 pm

Summer really is over. There's no sport on TV, but more TV than I can keep up with, the roads are busy at rush hour again, I drive home sitting up straight so the sun just about goes behind the sun visor, I've had to try and remember how to drive in the dark again, and I've put my winter duvet back on the bed. And I turned my calendar over on 1st September and it informed me it was the first day of spring - it being an Australian calendar.

But I decided this was the time of year to garden! And by garden I mean chop things. I thought everything in the garden was growing a bit, not least because some of it is in my way and I have to move branches to put the bins out. Then I looked at the photo of the garden in the inventory that was taken just before I moved in and in comparison it was barren. So I had no worries about hacking everything to bits and leaving very little behind. Actually, I think my garden is full of boring, ugly plants that are impossible to kill. Which makes it boring to look at but more likely that I'll get my deposit back. So on Sunday I spent the best part of two hours filling six bin bags. I stopped because I'd reached the stage where I couldn't move and I'd run out of bin bags. I'm not half done yet.

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Sunday 16th September 2012 7:55 pm

I am finally starting to feel caught up. So before I forget what happened, here's a post on the Paralympics. I went four times and saw seven different sports. (All the links go to my photos, which I have tagged by day and by sport)

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