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Tuesday 9th October 2012 9:17 pm

I'm sure there's probably some sort of meaning behind it, but I keep dreaming about going back to uni. By keep I mean it's been about three times - the only other thing I've dreamt a lot is that I've forgotten to feed my rabbit and that was in the years after he died.

But in my dreams there's always something odd. It generally involves walking around campus (although it's nowhere I've ever been in real life) and getting lost. Last night I wandered into somewhere nonsensical and had to pay a fine to get out.

And also, something tends to be wrong with where I'm living. There was one time where I struggled to find it and discovered it was this picturesque block of flats. But the flat itself was tiny - and by tiny I mean I could get my head through the door but that was about it. And inside there was only one room. And yet my best friend (who had somehow wandered into this dream) couldn't see anything wrong with that.

Last night I was shown to what would be my new room by the person who currently lived there. It was in a block called 'Blake' and it was like living on campus. And yet at the same time it was on campus. The room was really nice and had fantastic shelving. But it was on the sixth floor, there were no lifts and the room didn't include a mattress (the stairwell was really narrow too). I was a bit worried about this, but it was too late and it was already going to be my room, and no, I couldn't have one on the ground, first or second floor.

What really bugged me was waking up this morning because I hadn't found out where the bathroom was. There were only two rooms on the sixth floor and one on the floor above, yet that wasn't because there was a sloping ceiling or anything like that. So I couldn't help feeling that maybe the two of us on the sixth floor shared a bathroom with just us, but I'll never know now.

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