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This week
Sunday 28th October 2012 12:43 pm

After my nice, relaxing four day weekend I then had a four day week where I did enough hours for five days. So, busy in other words. I managed to go out to Rotary on Tuesday and choir on Thursday, but worked instead of going to ballet on Wednesday. Which particularly annoyed me because not only did I have to miss ballet, I also have to pay regardless of whether I go or not. So I paid £6 for the privilege of working in the evening.

Yesterday I finally got rid of the 25 bags in my garage by taking them to the tip. It took me three trips and each trip was twelve minutes each way, which meant I spent an hour and a quarter driving. There's a big roundabout on the way and the exit I had to take was one I'd never been down before. After two goes on the way there I eventually worked out which lane I needed to be in for the third go. I never worked it out for the way back. I always ended up in the wrong lane, which on one occasion meant having to go back another route (which took exactly the same amount of time).

Afterwards my car was full of leaves, so I had to hoover it. I could have parked my car outside my back gate, but my neighbours had come back and parked there. So I had to run an extension cable behind their car. Of course they decided to go out while I was using it, so I had to unplug the hoover and move everything so they didn't run over my cable.

On the plus side I have recovered from all this - a year ago I'd have been too tired and dizzy to go anywhere yesterday and if I had I certainly wouldn't have the energy to do anything today. Although I predict I'll be tired tomorrow as my body clock is struggling with GMT and weekends, so I woke up at 6.30am GMT and if I watch Downton Abbey tonight I'll have to stay up until what'll feel like 11pm.

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