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Tuesday 30th October 2012 8:37 pm

I've been meaning to post about Rotary for a few weeks, but since this week is half term and I am in every evening I have no excuse any more.

I joined Rotaract when I first moved up here with my first job and didn't know anyone. I ended up staying in it for ten years. In that time I managed to hold every club position, be on the district exec and be part of the team that held the national conference. All the friends I have in the local area are from Rotaract. It was through Rotaract that I heard about Habitat for Humanity and went to Romania (when (if) I'm well enough I want to go on another trip, but that's going to be a long time in the future yet).

It was all great, but after ten years we'd reached the point where there were three of us in our club, we were all over the age limit, we'd all been in for years and done everything and needed a break. What we all wanted to do was leave and have the club carry on, but we didn't manage to find anyone else who wanted to join, so we closed it.

During this time we told any Rotarians who asked (ie most of the ones we spoke to) that we were having the customary year off. And that year off was strange at first, but I definitely needed it. Rotaract can suck up your free time if you let it. And it always had a tendency to be worse when work was busiest. But then I started to miss it.

We had two local clubs, one met at lunchtime, so was never an option to join, the other met in the evenings, but they were all old men, a description that does not describe me in the slightest. Not to mention the problem that they also had recruitment problems and saw us as a way to take over all their roles so they could sit back for a bit...

And then the lunchtime club closed. And decided to reform as an evening club based in the next town - the next town being the one I live in - but covering a wider area. One of the other Rotaractors had ended up involved, I went to one meeting and now, by the end of November I'm going to end up a Rotarian...

Part of the reason why I wasn't sure about joining Rotary is that I'd end up doing the website. On the second meeting I mentioned what I do for a living, someone mentioned websites and now I'm going to be doing the website...

I'll stop there, but the same way I talked about Rotaract a lot for the time I was in it, I'll end up talking about Rotary a lot. Because it'll end up sucking up my time, I know it will because I know what it's like and I know what I'm like.

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