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Mac keyboards
Saturday 3rd November 2012 7:51 pm

I first used a Mac when I was younger and in the staff room where my parents worked. I couldn't cope with the idea that it didn't have a right mouse button or a button to eject the floppy disk. I struggle with my work laptop a bit when I use it unplugged and it doesn't have a right mouse button on the keyboard.

While I was home the other week, my dad demonstrated to me the Mac keyboard he had. He pointed out how it didn't have a delete button, I pointed out that it was missing the page down, page up, home and end buttons. He then showed me his friend's Mac that he was sorting out and how its operating system works differently to Windows and the versions of Linux I've used. I think that annoyed him more, but it was the keyboard that got me.

This afternoon I went into town and to kill a bit of time while I waited for my car to be washed I wandered into PC World to play with the computers. While I was wondering if they had any netbooks (they don't - the tablets and ebook readers have taken over) I came across a Macbook Air and I looked at the keyboard. It didn't have the page down, page up, home and end buttons either. Which baffles me.

Admittedly, I think I am unusual because I use them all the time. I always scroll with page up and page down. Since I've been dizzy it's the only way I can scroll without getting dizzy, but it's always been the easiest way in the past. When I bought my netbook a couple of years ago the most important thing for me was that page up and page down had their own keys and weren't Fn+another key.

So if I had a Mac I would literally not be able to cope with the keyboard, never mind the mouse, operating system or price.

Incidentally, my laptop keyboard has a number pad, so I have two of each of the page up, page down, home and end buttons. Which isn't completely necessary, but I'm not complaining.

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