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Not seeing Bond
Tuesday 6th November 2012 9:35 pm

When the latest Bond film came out I debated about seeing it vs not seeing it at the cinema. Then half term came along and since I wasn't going out any evening I thought about seeing it on Tuesday, which is the cheap night in the local cinema. But then I realised it was half term and it only just came out the previous Friday, so I'd be better off waiting until this week. Except this week there is tennis. From next week everything starts back up again and work looks like being too busy to do anything other than work and sleep until mid-December, so staying out late at the cinema doesn't fit with that. So I'll wait until it's out on DVD, like most films, and justify my Blockbuster DVD rental subscription.

The reason I can't get that excited about Bond is because the last two have been a bit grumpy and real worldy, when what I really want is OTT and baddies destroying the world, possibly with the aid of a cat. Plus the current films do have Daniel Craig in them, which is never going to help (I can't work out how anyone could possibly think he's handsome). Also, I've recently watched action films (well, half an hour of) that other people loved and they bored me to tears. So I'm not really in the mood for an action film.

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