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Saturday 10th November 2012 9:12 pm

Today I have discovered that laughing isn't good for my ability to breathe and my sore throat really is a proper sore throat because I am losing my voice due to talking. To find this out, I went to the tennis. Full report and photos tomorrow, when I have the energy.

But while I was there I was thinking about all the tennis we went to this year, all the tennis we plan to go to next year and how much it costs. My sister (who I go with) earns stupid amounts of money (in fact the amount she gets after tax/NI/pension etc is taken out of it is twice what I get), so she can justify it.

I use it as an alternative to a holiday. So going to the final of Queens costs just under £100 and Wimbledon can cost nearly as much, depending on when you get tickets for and what court, and the ATP final good seat we sat in today was £66. Which is all quite a lot of money, but it's all down to what I choose to spend my money on. Admittedly I'm not well enough to go on holiday, but aside from bills and food and petrol and social things, I spend all the money I don't save on books and going to see tennis.

Which I'm perfectly happy about.

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