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DW femslash
Monday 12th November 2012 8:06 pm

For this year's Doctor Who Femslash ficathon I wrote The Bridge at Sunset (Sarah Jane Smith/Kate Stewart).

[info]purple_bug wanted something not set on present day Earth, so my original idea involved them finding some sort of alien device that would then send them somewhere else. I couldn't work out how they were going to get back, so I started writing and thought I'd see where it went. They ended up on the TARDIS going to an alien planet and I realised the ending was far more interesting, so I cut all the rubbish about how they'd got there down to one paragraph.

With this ficathon when people sign up they say what characters they'd like to see and suggest pairings and some ideas of what they want to see, but it's pretty open. As I was trying to decide what to write I realised I'd like to see Kate and Sarah having an adventure together. At the same time Yuletide nominations/sign-ups were going on and [info]hhertzof mentioned that they'd met in Downtime. And that gave me the shippy element.

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