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An expensive lesson
Friday 16th November 2012 8:24 pm

On Monday evening when I came back from the shops I turned on the inside light in my car so I could see to take the CD out. I thought to myself, "I must remember to turn the light off". Then, when I was shutting the garage door I thought I could see a light in there, but decided I was imagining it. On Thursday evening I went to get the car out and there are no prizes for guessing what happened next.

The long(er) story of what happened next was that I called the RAC this morning and they sent someone, who got the car started and the battery charging. And checked the oil - it's apparently a standard thing they do that they offer to check it. Except that after a while of charging the battery and him staring at it with a torch he announced that the battery was looking weak.

He said that their life is typically five to seven years, but not driving much lessens that and draining it twice doesn't do it much good. My car is five and a half years old. He said that it would be ok for a bit, but might go later. And then said the RAC could sell me one.

Now, this all could be a load of rubbish in order to sell me a battery. But so far the RAC have seemed trustworthy, I'd much rather not have my battery randomly die one day, but ultimately I thought handing over £80 I wasn't expecting to spend might teach me not to do it a third time. So my car now has a shiny new battery in it.

I've now called the RAC out five times. Twice to my old car where it was actually broken and three times to my new car where I'd broken it. At least I've justified paying them!

Also, they currently have a deal where if I invite someone to join them they give me and them £25 M&S vouchers. So in the unlikely even that you want to change your breakdown cover to RAC, let me know.

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