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More fun with the car
Saturday 17th November 2012 6:25 pm

Although this is with the dealership this time. I had to take it in because it was being recalled - the driver's side mirror switch could become sticky, and if you clean it it could melt. Apparently this has happened to someone in Europe, but none of the cars they'd checked at my local dealership have that fault. Of course I say local, but they're actually 35 minutes drive away, so despite their insistence that this is free, it actually cost me quite a bit in petrol. And the whole of my morning sitting around while they did it.

A while ago, my cover of my wing mirror fell off. You'd think they'd be easy to find on places like ebay, but they're not. So I resorted to ringing the dealership, who said they'd order one in and were very insistent that I had to come and collect it within 14 days of it being in and they'd ring me when it was in. That was about three months ago.

So when they rang me to book in this recall, I mentioned the wing mirror cover. I intended to ring them last weekend to check they were definitely getting it, but I didn't have a voice to ring with. But when I got there I noticed they had a note of it, so I was confident that when I got my car back it would have a wing mirror cover on it.

After they did the recall they also did a general spot check and pointed out to me that the wing mirror was missing a cover...

They promised they'd get it and I could just 'pop in' to pick it up. A 35 minute drive is not a 'popping in' distance. The receptionist wasn't too keen on the idea of posting it to me, but fortunately there was a man in the back who said it was fine. So now I am waiting to see if if it's third time lucky and they actually order it this time.

Amusingly (if you're not me) when I went to go home I found the man who had parked my car had put the hand brake on so hard I had to use two hands to take it off. It was on a very slight slope, but I can guarantee it didn't need to be on that hard.

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