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Card making and Christmas cards
Friday 23rd November 2012 8:56 pm

I've been making some Christmas cards this evening, although they say "Happy New Year" on them since they were the only non-Christmas stickers I could find last year (and now that I've used up more than half it means I'm going to have to go to the card making shop sometime).

I got into card making because Mum did it and it annoyed me that cards were getting more and more expensive and useless. It was especially hard to find cards for Dad for Father's Day because he's not into sport or drinking and there are only so many cards I can give him that are about how great I am. It's much easier, not to mention cheaper, to find a maths or computer joke on the internet, print it out and stick it on a piece of card.

I only started making Christmas cards last year, largely because I tend to buy mine in January when you can get 10 for £1 and therefore always have plenty. In fact I still do. But I have a problem with Christmas cards, which is who do you give them to?

You don't give them to your close friends because you see/speak to them often (often being a relative term), so it seems a bit pointless to me. Although it doesn't help that me and my best friend decided we were too shit to manage presents and if you can manage a birthday card you're doing well.

I hate giving them to people I've not spoken to all year because it also seems pointless just to exchange a Christmas card. All the people in between are the sort of people who aren't close enough to you for cards anyway. It doesn't leave anyone.

So I just do cards for people who give me cards. Which is a problem because it involves them sending/giving me a card in order for me to give one back to them. Which is fine for most of the time, but can fall down horribly. So, for example, we're having a Rotary Christmas dinner the week before Christmas. I'm only going to be a member from next Tuesday. Are people going to do Christmas cards? Is it going to be expected that I give everyone there a Christmas card? If I don't take any the answer will be yes, if I do the answer will be no.

At Rotaract I did evolve an answer for that - I took a stack and wrote on them there. Although people did think that was odd, so it's not the best answer either.

You may ask why I've been making Christmas cards tonight, after all that. But the CA regulars all (ish) do Christmas presents, and if I'm sending a present then including a card seems reasonable. But that's it. Everyone else can wait until they give me a card and I decide whether to give them one back or decide I'm too shit to manage it.

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