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I want either a teleport or a driverless car
Tuesday 27th November 2012 7:01 pm

Or a chauffeur, I'm not fussy. Anything that means I don't have to be the one driving.

This morning spent 35 minutes in a queue on my way to work. From the point where I hit the queue I could have walked to work and got there at the same time. It was all caused by the river flooding and people slowing down (on a 60mph road!) to look at it. There are quite a few roundabouts around and people feeding in from elsewhere and going off elsewhere, so it caused chaos.

When I crossed the river I got excited about making it into second gear. I got a good look at it while I was stationary and I can tell you that all the news reports are correct - it's flooded. As it does nearly every year around here.

I can't not drive to work because rather than my 20 minute drive I'd have to do a 15 minute walk, a 20 minute bus journey, then a 30 minute walk. The bus would cost me more than it costs in petrol. And with the bus only going once an hour, in reverse, if I left on time I would miss it by about 10 minutes. This is all because I work in a village.

This evening I'm off to Rotary in a pub in a village (so no buses there either). I'm not looking forward to the journey because it's somewhere I haven't been before (which I don't like), down narrow roads (which I hate) and in the dark (there's no street lights). I am taking Tpm Baker (my sat nav) with me for comfort, maps and pointing out when I'm near to the pub.

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