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The cold
Wednesday 28th November 2012 9:39 pm

I don't like the cold. Or rather, I don't mind it (and certainly prefer it to the heat) when I can go out in it for brief periods and then come back to a warm house. It's the house being cold I don't like.

The trouble is that the boiler is really loud and I can't sleep through it (even with ear plugs in). So I have it set to come on at the same time as my alarm goes off, which means that, depending on the temperature outside, it can be really cold inside. It helps to put my clothes on the radiator and eat porridge for breakfast, but I still don't like it.

It especially annoys me at the weekend when I have to drag myself out of bed and downstairs to turn it on. I can go back to bed for a bit, while I wait for the house to warm up, but by the time I've been awake that long I'm really hungry, so have to get up to eat breakfast (even if I go back to bed again afterwards). It's harder to get going in the morning when it's too cold to be out in it (or contemplate taking off any clothes).

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