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The wing mirror cover saga
Sunday 9th December 2012 9:40 pm

I purposely didn't post for a week and after last weekend I spent it feeling that I was missing something.

Having resolved the saga with my car's wing mirror cover, I thought I'd post yet another example of bad customer service here.

The passenger side wing mirror cover dropped off my car, due to too many times hitting it against the garage wall when I didn't fold the wing mirrors back. Given that number of cars I've seen with missing wing mirror covers I thought they'd be as easy to get as hub caps. But no. Or not for my car, at least.

So I gave up and rang the dealership. This was back in September. They had to order one in and were insistent that I had to come in within fourteen days of the wing mirror cover coming in, but they promised they'd ring when it arrived.

After three weeks I realised it had been three weeks, but never quite got round to ringing them back. Then in October, they rang me about the recall that was out on my car. So I thought this would be an opportunity not to have to go to the dealership twice - it is just over half an hour's drive away. At the end of the phone call they asked if there was anything else they could do while I was there, so I mentioned the wing mirror cover and promised to sort it out.

Because I could only go in on a Saturday it was a few weeks before I could get an appointment. I intended to ring a week before I went in to make sure they'd definitely got a wing mirror cover, except then I had laryngitis, so I thought I'd hope they'd done as they said.

When I went in there they had a note about the wing mirror cover. After about two hours of sitting around they'd finished, and they included a visual inspection. One of the things they flagged up on the inspection was the lack of wing mirror cover... To which my reaction was something along the lines of "But you've just put one on there" and they had no idea what I was talking about.

I managed to establish that they didn't have one, but they could order it and I could come in and pick it up. I didn't particularly want to go back again, and the receptionist tried to suggest I could 'pop in'. Yeah, a 30 minute drive is not poppping in. I suggested they could post it to me and she wasn't keen, but a bloke in the back said they could do that. So I left them to it.

This time they rang me to extract money and post it. It arrived not long later and I happily went to put it on my car... and discovered it was the driver's side wing mirror cover. When I rang them up they were like, "Oh, that'll be £40." To which I told them that I was not paying for a wing mirror cover that wasn't the one I'd asked for three times.

Eventually he agreed that if I came in with the wing mirror cover and proof that I asked for a passenger side one, they'd exchange it. I made him check they had one, which they did. But I could only come in on a Saturday. He tried to tell me they were open until 5.45pm on weekdays, but given that I finish work at 5.30pm and it's a 40 minute drive away not in the rush hour, that wasn't going to work. So I told them I when I was going to come in.

I finally went to pick it up yesterday. And when I went in they said they didn't have one... I insisted I'd been told different and told them when I spoke to someone. They went off for ages and came out with one! Which they then stuck on for me, which by that point I was thinking "I should hope so too."

I'd charge them for my phone calls, petrol and general waste of time, but I don't have the energy and it won't do any good.

My parents have the same make of car as me and say their local dealership is better, so it's not all of them, just my local one. So when I next need a new car in the distant future, I won't be getting it from my local dealership, if I end up choosing one of the same make.

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