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An updatey thing
Friday 3rd May 2013 8:30 pm

It's been quite nice not to have to update for the past two days when I haven't had much time to.

Earlier in the week I posted about this being a busy week work-wise. And then it wasn't. It was in fact quiet. Partly because the thing I thought was going to take half a day only took half an hour and partly because I thought everything was going to turn up at once on Wednesday, and not only did it not, but I got a head start on most of it on Tuesday.

And then there were the local elections. I couldn't decide who to vote for, so I left it until I was in the booth with a short, stubby pencil with my ballot paper to decide which box to put an x in. Then I spent the morning watching the results come in and discovered I made the right choice - there was just under 100 votes between the one I voted for and the Conservative. It was nice to feel like my vote counted because in the general election not even AR would have made a difference.

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