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Smartphones and trains and books
Thursday 9th May 2013 7:46 pm

On Tuesday evening I had my first occasion when I was on my own and thought that a smartphone would be useful (on the other times I've been with someone who had one). I was coming back from the theatre and I'd got a lift there with my sister, as my house was between her work and the theatre. I realised before I'd even left the theatre that I'd forgotten my book. So I'd have nothing to read while waiting for the train or while on the train and being late at night everything was shut, so I couldn't buy anything to read, and it was dark so I could stare out of the window at the passing scenery.

Fortunately, I came across a stack of The Metro, so I got one and spent ten minutes establishing that there was nothing worth reading on it, and the other ten minutes of the journey deleting text messages from my phone, which I do rarely because I keep forgetting my mobile won't complain when I have 10 text messages. I've only had the phone for eight years and it's the second one I've had that lets you store more than 10 texts.

The other thing it would have been useful for was working out what time my train got in. I had to order a taxi in advance, as the cheapest (and also best) firm don't wait at the station, you have to order them. I thought I knew how long it took but not exactly enough. I had forgotten to bring a timetable with me or pick one up or look at the boards by the entrance. When I realised this I was about five minutes walk away and I had ten minutes until my train.

I passed a board with a load of QR codes for train timetables, but that doesn't help me much. But fortunately I had the phone number for National Rail Enquiries in my phone, so I called them and they could tell me the time the train got in.

So although I would have had two uses for a smartphone, in the end I found a way round and so can still conclude that I don't need one.

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