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Sunday 26th May 2013 5:17 pm

The word of the day is "ow".

This weekend being nice (for a change!) I thought I could get a lot of things trimmed in the garden and get rid of the massive weeds in the beds just outside by back gate. However, yesterday morning my washing machine decided it didn't like the pumping the water out idea. Which it has done once before because the previous people never cleaned the pump out, but I cleaned it a month ago.

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that the washing machine is badly designed. Most other washing machines, you just stick an old ice cream tub under the pump and collect up all the water. But with mine you can't get the tub under the pump because there's a block of wood holding the washing machine up in the way. So I have to wedge it under there at an angle which means that you get barely any water out before you have to empty it and half the water still dribbles out under the washing machine onto the floor (well, towels I put on the floor). So that's quite hard work kneeling down for that length of time. But I managed to find some horrible dirty bits to clean and it was fine this morning.

After that my legs hurt - and trembled when I stood up at first. But then they seemed to be better, so I did a couple of hours of gardening in the afternoon. Which wore me out, but I had a restful evening and I was fine. Until I woke up this morning...

Today my left thumb really hurts (I was holding the ice cream tub with my left hand), my right hand hurts a bit (secateurs), the muscles in my lower arms ache a bit, my bum hurts (I don't know how you give the muscles in your bum a work out, but clearly I managed it) and worst of all the muscles at the front of my thighs hurt. And by hurt I don't just mean ache from working, I mean actual pain. I can't crouch, getting to the floor requires lowering myself down and up again, as does sitting and standing. Going up and down the stairs requires two hands. So today I am mostly saying "ow" and not therefore doing anything else in the garden.

Tomorrow I have to be well enough to clean the house. And tomorrow or Tuesday I have to defrost the fridge because I'm getting a new one. The current one is so loud I have to wear ear plugs to sleep through it, it never stops whirring and has made all the food in it practically unbearably cold. When my landlord comes over on Wednesday to deliver it it would be good if it was to a clean house...

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