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Blake’s 7 Lucifer
Monday 27th May 2013 6:00 pm

When Big Finish announced that Paul Darrow was writing a book set after the last episode of Blake's 7 I couldn't work out what the fuss was about it. I could see the appeal, it was just the author I couldn't see the appeal of. I've been to Redemption, I've seen Man of Iron, I know what Paul Darrrow's writing is like.

Except I thought that maybe it's improved, after all he did write Man of Iron a long time ago. And I am intrigued to find out what he thinks happens after Blake. So I bought it.

It's taken me a week and a half to read it, not because it's long because I kept stopping to read other books. The trouble is, it's boring. Which shouldn't be a surprise. I think of Man of Iron as being funny (performed) but terrible. Whereas if you were to sit and read it on your own, it would be dull. And Lucifer is dull. Mind you, the first two books Big Finish published weren't that great (I refuse to buy any more), so why I trusted them I don't know. Worse, I read in the issue of Vortex that accompanied it, it's the first in a trilogy. I certainly won't be buying the rest.

The annoying thing is that because the difference between the ebook and real versions were only £2 (out of £15!) I bought the real version. So I have a) spent more money and b) when it turns up (I downloaded the ebook) I'll then have to get rid of it.

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