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June photos
Sunday 30th June 2013 8:05 pm

I have succeeded in my challenge to take a photo every day in June. In fact I took an average of just over two per day and that doesn't include the three trips I did where I took loads of photos. It wasn't hard to think of things to take because people gave me ideas and that gave me other ideas. The trouble was working out when/if to take them - some of things on my list I intended to take photos of never got taken at all. Some of it was decidedly not helped by the weather.

It will be nice not to have to make sure to take a photo every day. But I have got used to taking photos of all sorts of things and I might keep my camera handy to do more of the same more often. And maybe get a picture of a Red Kite where it doesn't just look like a big black bird high in the sky.

All of the photos I took are on flickr at June Photo Challenge, Oxford Dance Festival, Queens Tennis 2013 and Wimbledon 2013. A selection of photos for one per day is below: Read more...

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Monday 24th June 2013 7:38 pm

There were all these things I was going to do this weekend, since I had nothing on and only needed to clean the house, as I had an inspection today. But then I discovered that 10mg of antihistamines puts me to sleep (I had exactly the same reactions at the same times to both pills a few weeks apart, so that proves it to me). I am back on the medicine now where I'm fine on half the dose. And I got all excited about finding some pills without lactose in too.

And then my neighbours decided to have a very loud disco on and off in the afternoons and evenings, so mostly I watched stuff and played Lego Star Wars, until I realised that putting ear plugs in, sitting on my bed and pretending to be detached houses on rightmove solved the problem.

And then today Wimbledon started. Which I wasn't too excited about initially because I didn't think anything exciting would happen on day 1. And then I spent a couple of minutes sitting in the car when I got home because I would miss the last game of the Nadal match while I went inside and turned the radio on (quicker to turn the radio on than the TV).

I am going to Wimbledon on Thursday - we have seats behind the royal box on Centre Court, so probably won't be on TV, as usual.

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Queens tennis
Monday 17th June 2013 6:35 pm

We have terrible luck with seeing tennis at Queens. We went to the final two years ago because I couldn't get time off during Wimbledon and it rained all day. So we went again last year and we didn't manage a whole singles match due to Nalbandian. This year, due to the weather, we didn't get to see the doubles match, which started an hour after the singles and finished just before it (we could hear the umpire and applause from court 1 on centre court). So we're going to have to go again next year.

But for this year...

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This is not how I planned my evening
Wednesday 12th June 2013 8:27 pm

This evening I should have been at ballet. But despite getting home at the usual time, I spent 50 minutes not being able to get inside the house... I can now tell you exactly which muscles I use in my right arm to push the handle down.

£3 worth of phone calls later (which is not a good amount to spend when you only have £5 of credit on your mobile) I had a locksmith manage to get it in, lubricate everything and tell me that it's old (not a surprise, since everything in the house is original) and it'll go again any time. Fortunately I can get out the back and since I rent it's not me that'll have to pay (again). Which I'm sure will go down well with my landlord who just bought a new fridge a couple of weeks ago... It's my fault for thinking that nothing else could go wrong...

On the plus side, as I was standing at the front door, trying to think of ingenious ways I might be able to get in, I did see quite a few Red Kites. Which, in photos, look like big dark birds.

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Supermarket spelling
Tuesday 11th June 2013 8:19 pm

Yesterday I hadn't decided what to take a photo of and then I walked past this sign in Sainsburys and it was very handy I had my camera with me...

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Busy week
Sunday 9th June 2013 8:04 pm

This week's been a crazy week - it felt like November in terms of the amount of work I did and how brain dead it made me. I had three things on in the evenings this week and had training two days. I still had to do some work around the training, so I ended up working 10 hour days on those days and 8-9 on the others, so I ended up doing 6 days worth of hours in 5 days. And dreaming about working on two nights, so I felt like I hadn't had any rest at all.

The highlight of my week was discovering some hayfever pills that don't have lactose in. And spending Friday evening watching one of the men's semi-finals at Roland Garros and Saturday morning watching the other. It's about all I've been good for this weekend. Although I hate the camera men on it - they're obsessed with panning over the crowd and spiralling and making me dizzy. I'm not that interested in the crowd or the stadium, showing me the players will do nicely.

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Photo challenge update
Sunday 2nd June 2013 7:53 pm

It's only been two days but I've managed to take photos on both days (and haven't put any of them on the computer yet...). Yesterday it was easy to find lots of things to take photos of because I went to a Dance Festival, which involved watching dancing for an hour and a half. Which was interesting and different to anything I've been to before.

The weather was a pain though. At the start it was really hot in the sun and nice in the shade when the wind didn't blow. By the end it was nice in the sun and cold in the shade regardless of whether the wind blew or not. I constantly found that I was in the sun when I wanted to be in the shade or in the shade when I wanted to be in the sun. But having taken a position to watch the dancing it was a bit hard to move.

Today I was out chopping things (mostly ivy) in the garden. I went out in the morning in the sun when it was cold and then waited for the sun to move round and did some chopping in the shade in the afternoon.

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