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Photo challenge update
Sunday 2nd June 2013 7:53 pm

It's only been two days but I've managed to take photos on both days (and haven't put any of them on the computer yet...). Yesterday it was easy to find lots of things to take photos of because I went to a Dance Festival, which involved watching dancing for an hour and a half. Which was interesting and different to anything I've been to before.

The weather was a pain though. At the start it was really hot in the sun and nice in the shade when the wind didn't blow. By the end it was nice in the sun and cold in the shade regardless of whether the wind blew or not. I constantly found that I was in the sun when I wanted to be in the shade or in the shade when I wanted to be in the sun. But having taken a position to watch the dancing it was a bit hard to move.

Today I was out chopping things (mostly ivy) in the garden. I went out in the morning in the sun when it was cold and then waited for the sun to move round and did some chopping in the shade in the afternoon.

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