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Busy week
Sunday 9th June 2013 8:04 pm

This week's been a crazy week - it felt like November in terms of the amount of work I did and how brain dead it made me. I had three things on in the evenings this week and had training two days. I still had to do some work around the training, so I ended up working 10 hour days on those days and 8-9 on the others, so I ended up doing 6 days worth of hours in 5 days. And dreaming about working on two nights, so I felt like I hadn't had any rest at all.

The highlight of my week was discovering some hayfever pills that don't have lactose in. And spending Friday evening watching one of the men's semi-finals at Roland Garros and Saturday morning watching the other. It's about all I've been good for this weekend. Although I hate the camera men on it - they're obsessed with panning over the crowd and spiralling and making me dizzy. I'm not that interested in the crowd or the stadium, showing me the players will do nicely.

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