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This is not how I planned my evening
Wednesday 12th June 2013 8:27 pm

This evening I should have been at ballet. But despite getting home at the usual time, I spent 50 minutes not being able to get inside the house... I can now tell you exactly which muscles I use in my right arm to push the handle down.

£3 worth of phone calls later (which is not a good amount to spend when you only have £5 of credit on your mobile) I had a locksmith manage to get it in, lubricate everything and tell me that it's old (not a surprise, since everything in the house is original) and it'll go again any time. Fortunately I can get out the back and since I rent it's not me that'll have to pay (again). Which I'm sure will go down well with my landlord who just bought a new fridge a couple of weeks ago... It's my fault for thinking that nothing else could go wrong...

On the plus side, as I was standing at the front door, trying to think of ingenious ways I might be able to get in, I did see quite a few Red Kites. Which, in photos, look like big dark birds.

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