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Monday 24th June 2013 7:38 pm

There were all these things I was going to do this weekend, since I had nothing on and only needed to clean the house, as I had an inspection today. But then I discovered that 10mg of antihistamines puts me to sleep (I had exactly the same reactions at the same times to both pills a few weeks apart, so that proves it to me). I am back on the medicine now where I'm fine on half the dose. And I got all excited about finding some pills without lactose in too.

And then my neighbours decided to have a very loud disco on and off in the afternoons and evenings, so mostly I watched stuff and played Lego Star Wars, until I realised that putting ear plugs in, sitting on my bed and pretending to be detached houses on rightmove solved the problem.

And then today Wimbledon started. Which I wasn't too excited about initially because I didn't think anything exciting would happen on day 1. And then I spent a couple of minutes sitting in the car when I got home because I would miss the last game of the Nadal match while I went inside and turned the radio on (quicker to turn the radio on than the TV).

I am going to Wimbledon on Thursday - we have seats behind the royal box on Centre Court, so probably won't be on TV, as usual.

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