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June photos
Sunday 30th June 2013 8:05 pm

I have succeeded in my challenge to take a photo every day in June. In fact I took an average of just over two per day and that doesn't include the three trips I did where I took loads of photos. It wasn't hard to think of things to take because people gave me ideas and that gave me other ideas. The trouble was working out when/if to take them - some of things on my list I intended to take photos of never got taken at all. Some of it was decidedly not helped by the weather.

It will be nice not to have to make sure to take a photo every day. But I have got used to taking photos of all sorts of things and I might keep my camera handy to do more of the same more often. And maybe get a picture of a Red Kite where it doesn't just look like a big black bird high in the sky.

All of the photos I took are on flickr at June Photo Challenge, Oxford Dance Festival, Queens Tennis 2013 and Wimbledon 2013. A selection of photos for one per day is below:

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4 Responses to “June photos”

Nina Says:

Fab collection! It's so interesting what different people's months in photos look like - and yours is a brilliant selection of every day things. (And a bit of Andy Murray for good measure 🙂 )

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Nic Says:


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