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Another long weekend
Friday 5th July 2013 12:24 pm

This week was my last busy week of the summer, in terms of regular things I do in the evenings every week. That there's no more ballet until September is good in a way because my feet swell up in the heat and ballet shoes aren't designed to have space for your feet to grow. Not that doing ballet in socks is necessarily a bad thing.

After doing a load of overtime in June I finally managed to take a whole hour of it yesterday. So after coming home early I managed to spray the weeds, dust the house and clean the kitchen and bathroom. This morning I hoovered and am on my second load of washing. So it'll all be done before it gets too hot (at the moment it's nicely hot, but it won't stay that way).

Today I have a day off to watch the men's semi-finals. I keep missing tennis at Wimbledon due to not being at my desk during the crucial points. So it'll be good to sit down and watch it uninterrupted (aside from eating and pegging the washing out and getting it in again once it's dry).

Next week I have nothing on! (or at least not yet). I have lots of things I need to do this summer, although since it'll be hot that might be reduced to some gardening in the evening if it's cool enough and catching up on TV. And some reading. And everything else will end up waiting until the weather improves, hot computers and heatwaves not mixing well together.

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