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Bad Fortnight
Sunday 6th October 2013 8:13 pm

The last two weeks haven't been great in general, although there have been some good bits.

Two Saturdays ago I went to the ballet. I'd tried going once before and it had bored me but someone suggested I'd be better off trying a classical ballet. This was Swan Lake. Since that first time I have also taken up ballet, so I understand a bit more about what's going on. I established that half an hour in one go is quite enough, beyond that it just gets samey and boring. Also, I can't see the point of going on pointe - it doesn't look any better and when there were quite a few of them walking about it sounded like they were wearing football boots.

The Tuesday after I was trying to get out of work and onto the main road when someone decided to turn left from the right hand lane, just as I was also turning left, from the left hand lane. I didn't hit him, but afterwards, once I'd got onto the main road (which can take a while in rush hour) I ended up spending half an hour in McDonald's car park before I was calm enough to drive home. This was in part because only about a month ago I very nearly hit someone when they decided to exit a roundabout from the inside lane without first looking to see that I was coming round on the outside lane - I knew they were in the wrong lane since they started from the same point as me and came off at the same point. Since I was trying to exit at that point I was looking left, so didn't see them. I now go round that roundabout really slowly and check to my left and right before I exit. I wish I had time during these times to honk the horn, but I'm so busy stopping and trying not to hit people that working out where to press on the steering wheel isn't top of my list of things to do at that point.

The following day I woke up with a cold and a sore throat - although I didn't believe it was a sore throat until I got to work. It was the first ballet class back since July, but by the time I had to get up off the sofa and get changed to go I was ready to go to bed. The sore throat's gone, but I've still got the cold. It completely wiped me out, so I missed two ballet classes, two weeks of choir, a Rotary meeting and a friend of mine coming down to visit (well, that was postponed, he didn't come down and I pretended not to be here).

The bad stuff pretty much involved not having the energy to do anything. On the plus side I had re-written my draft of An Unearthly Child at the Chalet School just before I got this cold and I hadn't been thinking I'd get much writing done during this time anyway. I have also watched a lot of stuff off my PVR. It's got a 160GB hard drive and I am impressed when it was 100GB free. It currently has 140GB free.

I also read Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, which I enjoyed (although not the size of the book - I waited for the paperback and it's the size of a hardback!). I especially liked seeing the relationship between Illyan and Ivan. The trouble with it was that I haven't been able to read anything since - I keep starting things and finishing them.

[info]fic_corner went live during this time, which gave me something to read. In fact I got two fics, both Harry Potter! The Hour of Lead is a Remus fic and Dance Partners is a Sirius/Remus fic.

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