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Fic and no brain
Friday 22nd November 2013 8:18 pm

Much as I had fun at my sister's hen night last night, it meant I didn't get in until midnight. I spent some time not being able to sleep and woke up in the night because I was hot, and then woke up not much later than I would have done if I'd gone to work (I took the day off). So now I'm tired. But I did enjoy watching An Adventure in Space and Time under a blanket on the sofa, still in my pyjamas this morning. And I did manage to post An Unearthly Child at the Chalet School this afternoon.

This is a fic that I've spent most of the year not writing. I had an idea early on (before my sister picked her wedding date) that it would be good to post it on the DW anniversary. But then by September I'd written two scenes and one of them didn't need to be in there. So I thought that a) I wouldn't get it done in time and b) I wouldn't get it done without a deadline. Then [info]dbskyler started the Doctor Who 50th anniversary ficathon, which seemed like a good thing to write it for. So I sat down and got it done. It helped that it turned out to be only 7000 words, which for me, is long, but just a nice long length that you can get through in one sitting.

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Monday 18th November 2013 9:12 pm

Yesterday I posted about how I wasn't excited about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary yet. This evening I watched the BBC Breakfast thing about Saturday's episodes and one minute in there was a scene with a rabbit in. And a lop eared one too. Now I'm excited.

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Various things
Sunday 17th November 2013 8:36 pm

I suddenly look prolific this month, but in fact I only wrote one thing and it's only 600 words. Lose a Boyfriend, Gain a Degree, which is Rachel and Allison (from Counter-Measures)'s first meeting (if you define that as having an actual conversation). I still hate the title, but it took me longer to come up with that than it took me to write the whole story.

I haven't got to the last two Poirots yet. I am planning to watch the last one followed by the penultimate, so it's not too sad. I am up-to-date on all the rest of the telly, though, which makes a change.

I can't get excited about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. This is because there are too many things before it, namely my sister's hen night on Thursday and her wedding on Saturday(!). We have literally been waiting years for it and now I can't believe it's so close. This is assuming I get there - my sister's advice on how to find it was "you'll never find it". Mind you, she asked about not getting bored advice on long haul flights and I a) still get excited about being able to watch films on a plane and being brought food and b) take travel sickness pills that knock me out, so I struggle to stay awake for long enough to watch a whole film in the first place.

I did, however, watch The Science of Doctor Who on Friday evening and liked it. It was basically a lecture on relativity, so what's not to like? Although Brian Cox does give an entirely inaccurate idea of what a physics lecturer looks like. They are nearly all old, fat and bearded.

I have re-read all the Jedi Apprentice books. I can't tell you how much I'm not tempted by Jedi Quest. But now I must return to the pile of books I ought to have been reading.

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Monday 11th November 2013 7:28 pm

Yesterday I went to the tennis in London to see the first semi-finals (and took a whole load of photos).

We saw two good matches. The doubles was really close for the first set and both teams kept having set points in the first set tie break. But I clearly wasn't concentrating when it came to the second set because I only knew it was match point when the screens around flashed it up.

Then we got to see Federer vs Nadal. Since most of the crowd were cheering for Federer, we cheered for Nadal. That match also had a good, close first set. I was definitely not concentrating towards the start of the second set (watching tennis is tiring) and then Federer just started playing badly and it was all over all of a sudden.

The craziest part was getting there. The train there and the train back were both really crowded (definitely going on the Saturday next time). Then on the tube we only needed to go two stops before changing to the Jubilee. We'd gone a couple of stops past that point before I realised neither of us had been paying attention to where we were. So we just changed later instead (and had a longer walk).

When we came to the Jubilee line I only looked vaguely at the lists of stops and chose the one with the longer list. And I thought it was going in the right direction, but I have a tendency to get confused between East and West unless I stop to think about it. We'd gone two stops before my sister pointed out we were going the wrong way.

Except when we got off and tried to go back the way we came we find they'd been a fire incident a couple of stops on and there were no trains. Despite my sister complaining the DLR is slow we went there to go an alternative route. And find it wasn't running.

We made our way back to the Jubilee line to find we'd ended up at the station where the trains were running from. Because the Sunday trains were so infrequent we'd had to get to London really early in order to make sure to get there in time. We ended up getting there just nicely in time to be in our seats ten minutes before it started.

Mind you, finding our seats wasn't that easy. After wondering why there were no seats between 152 and 167 on our row, we eventually worked out that the letters were the ones on the end of the row of seats, not the ones on the floor. We were the first there as well, so we got to tell everyone else confused looking for their seats where to go.

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DW Remix
Saturday 9th November 2013 7:50 pm

[info]dw_remix went live tonight. With terrible timing as I don't think I'll get all the stories read this evening and I'm off to London to the tennis tomorrow. And [info]hhertzof is at a con, which meant that I had to do the AO3 button pressing myself (it worked, after a scary minute when I thought I'd done something horribly wrong - turned out it was just thinking about it).

Eleven people took part, which is a pretty good number. I did spend the time just before the deadline worrying, though. I think I prefer not being able to see if people have finished things ahead of time. Annoyingly, the only default was someone who was remixing me, so I couldn't pinch hit (I was assuming that if there were defaults I'd be writing pinch hits, so was prepared for it).

Aside from those worries I enjoyed it overall - I like writing remixes. They avoid having to think about all that pesky plot stuff that I struggle with and involve thinking of how to change the original in an interesting way that makes sense on its own. Which is a different challenge, and not something you do for any non-remix stories.

I wrote The Doctor Cooks (The Eleventh Time Lucky Remix) starring Amy, along with the Eleventh Doctor and Rory, with minor parts for an awful lot of other characters (and one explosion).

aralias wrote Dr Harry Sullivan in... Another Exciting Adventure! (The 'You Had To Be There' Remix), which is a hilarious remix of votes For Women.

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Monday 4th November 2013 9:18 pm

I'm sure my bookmarks either have their own personal invisibility cloaks or gain sentience and run away because they seem to vanish.

I have one that's been in a book for so long that I can't remember what it looks like, beyond the tassel sticking out at the top. I should just admit that I'm never going to finish it and recover the bookmark.

I have one in Sherlock Holmes. I have no idea why because I get it out occasionally and either read a long story or a few short stories. I haven't really gone in order through the book either, so leaving a bookmark in there is no use at all.

I was recently using one my sister had given me (not as a present, I think I was in need of a bookmark and she wasn't that attached to that one). It mice eating Swiss cheese and had holes in. And was sellotaped because the holes made it a bit thin in the middle, so it fell apart.

It was only when I was re-reading one of the Jedi Apprentice books and came across an cardboard insert with two bookmarks to tear off that I remembered I was using one and the top was all falling apart where it stuck up above the top of a book. I don't even remember when I last saw it.

I'm sure I had one I picked up from selenay's local second hand bookshop a while ago. That one I was using recently.

I have bookmarks I can use, although I have been reduced to using Spock, who is plastic, but is almost completely covered with sellotape and is still falling apart a bit (cloth is clearly the way to go here). But still, I liked those bookmarks (especially the mouse and cheese one). Where do they go?

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Sunday 3rd November 2013 8:19 pm

I was looking forward to this half-term week, of being in every night, getting lots of things done. I did get quite a bit done and am up-to-date with TV (it'll all go to pot next week, though). But by the time I got to Thursday I was bored. I needed some action and something to do that wasn't sitting down. So I played on the Wii - which was what I bought it for after all.

And yet in the summer I had quite a few weeks with nothing on and didn't get bored. The difference was that the weather was warm and the nights were light, so I could just go out for a walk if I wanted. Although quite a few evenings I did gardening, which was enough activity for an evening.

I won't be complaining of boredom for a few weeks now. Of the next five weeks I have three where I'm out three nights in a row, I have tennis to go and see next weekend and my sister's wedding in three weeks (I really should remember to buy her a card). By the end of November I'll be looking forward to the quiet of December.

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Friday 1st November 2013 7:05 pm

My sister's getting married in three weeks, which means having to buy her (and her boyfriend) a present. I really didn't feel inspired to buy anything for their house off their wedding list, but they gave an alternative, which was to contribute to their honeymoon. Putting it like that isn't terribly inspiring either, but they are going to Australia, which is a place I like (if you discount the bugs, poisonous snakes and heat).

So I went and gave them some money on their Trailfinders list. It was all pretty straightforward and she was telling me how useful they were in getting them hotel deals etc and I thought that if I'm ever well enough to go on holiday then perhaps I'd look into them.

But then a few days later I got a junk email from them. And today I got some junk post from them! At no point was there a box to tick to opt in or out of this. They must have added me to their database and mailing lists pretty much instantly.

I unsubscribed from the mailing list and am going to return their junk mail to them, but I am not a happy bunny.

(On an amusing note, though, when visit their website it pops up a message to tell say there's an error loading the image. What image, I don't know)

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