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Too busy to update
Sunday 1st December 2013 3:58 pm

I have been meaning to update for a while, but it's either been too busy or I've been too tired or both. Last weekend was my sister's wedding, which was good, but it meant I spent the day before recovering from her hen night and a few days after recovering from the wedding. Then I was out. Then I was recovering from the week and catching up with everything else.

Sunday I watched all the Doctor Who stuff that had been on on Saturday. I was so tired that I only really remember bits of it. It was just right for a lazy Sunday lunchtime, though. I am now Doctor Who'd out. I currently cannot take any more Doctor Who. I am hoping that I will have recovered from that by Christmas, in time for the Christmas episode.

I also spent the week convinced that a) I can't write, b) I can't write for other people, c) I can't write in the fandom I'm writing for Yuletide and d) the deadline's too close to be able to write anything. Which didn't help with my Yuletide writing. I did the staring at a blank page thing the other week and wrote some stuff, none of which I'm going to use (I ended up calling it v0).

However, I did spend some of yesterday looking up related things and had an idea just as I was going to bed. So then this morning I sat down and wrote the first draft. Hopefully, when I come to look at it again it will hold up okay.

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