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Fire! (well, smoke)
Thursday 12th December 2013 9:04 pm

Well, not actually fire. I want to say that last night I set fire to my microwave because that would sound more dramatic and sum it up nicely. Except that there was no fire or any flame of any description, which I am very glad about. What there was was lots of smoke.

I was grilling a breaded chicken thing for dinner. There's a grill in my oven, but no grill pan. I have a George Foreman grill thing, but it's disgusting, so I don't use it. But my microwave has a grill, so I use that to grill things. Except on this occasion I accidentally didn't press the grill button. I discovered this seven and a half minutes later when my smoke alarm went off.

Now, my smoke alarm goes off if you put the oven on the whole oven setting, even with the extractor fan turned on and the window open. It's situated just outside the kitchen, it's plugged into the mains and the kitchen has no door. The way to get it to stop being so sensitive is to press a button somewhere on the edge of it, which explains why it doesn't look terribly securely attached to the ceiling.

Last night the kitchen and the hall were both full of smoke before the smoke alarm went off, which is just typical really. By the time I'd turned the microwave off, managed to get the smoke alarm to stop beeping, opened the kitchen window and turned off my potatoes and peas which were cooked, the smoke had made it into every room, pretty much. I spent the rest of the evening freezing in a house with every window open when it was 4C outside.

The interesting part was that the breaded outside sat on the grill, burnt to a crisp. But the chicken inside had slipped through the grill and sat at the bottom of the microwave in a solid black mass. Which would be cooler if it didn't smell so much.

I don't know if the smell is smoke or burnt chicken or both, the important part is it's horrible. It makes the back of your throat dry and I swear I can taste it. I'm not sure the trigger-happy Febreezing helped much last night either, because that smell's now mixed in and although it's a nicer smell it is, in general, another smell that I'm not used to in the house.

The one good thing is that I don't have an inspection coming up. It would have been just my luck to have stunk the house out just before an inspection.

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2 Responses to “Fire! (well, smoke)”

Nina Says:

Food burning stories are always amusing.

I still remind one friend of the time she caused a fire alarm at uni by cooking chicken - we lived in a 20 story tower block, so there were a lot of people who had to evacuate!! And on a seasonal note another friend and I once set fire to her microwave by trying to heat a mince pie. Another one that lives on as a legend.....

Hope the smell subsides soon!

Nic Says:

Thanks. There are quite a few stories from when I was living in halls at uni, of people putting things in toaster they shouldn't have or if starting to cook something and falling asleep. The one time my sausages set the grill on fire I wasn't in the kitchen and the other people in my corridor who were, told me when I returned!

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