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Christmas dinners
Sunday 22nd December 2013 3:58 pm

I've got away lightly with Christmas this year - and most important I haven't had to eat any turkey! The Rotary Christmas dinner involved salmon (which tasted odd), boiled potatoes (ditto), roast potatoes (they were fine), parsnips (yay!), carrots (which also tasted odd, but in their case made them much less disgusting) and sprouts pureed with crème fraiche (and there I was thinking sprouts couldn't be made worse - I didn't have any obviously). And there were crackers, but that was the only Christmassy thing really.

Then there was our work Christmas do. A couple of people had Christmas songs on in the office, which I'm hoping they won't repeat on Tuesday. Then dinner was sausage and pasta or potatoes, so I had steak instead. I had to wait while the bloke cooked it and because it took a while (funnily enough) so he said he'd bring it out to me. Bearing in mind that I couldn't have the pasta due to a wheat intolerance, he also put a roll and butter on the plate. I went back for some potatoes and he told me there was flour in the gravy (so I had the potatoes anyway, as my wheat intolerance is quite tolerant). I don't really know how no pasta and no gravy means bread is ok? He also put some pasta salad on the plate and I saw the label that described it as creamy, so I scraped it off on the basis it might have milk in and I didn't trust him at all by that point.

The potatoes also tasted odd (what are people doing to them?) and he'd cooked the steak so that the outside burnt and the inside didn't cook, so it was dry and burnt by the time I got it 🙁 And there was in general not much food. Everyone else could go to the crepe van and fill themselves up, I was glad I took a snack with me. The cat that wanders round (and appears by the main doors at hometime) was around the crepe van, getting stroked and looking up at the crepe van hopefully.

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