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Christmas and Yuletide
Saturday 28th December 2013 8:08 pm

I have finally made a dent in my Yuletide reading. And when the Madness archive opened I got another ridiculous Ten Stupidest Things I've Heard Since Richard III's Remains Were Identified fic: Tudor Spies and Perfidy. This has been a fandom I've enjoyed reading this Yuletide - it is different from everything else.

We opened presents on Boxing Day, as that's when my sister arrived (and they were a month late in any case). My sister decided to give me her old iPad, so I've been trying to work out how it works. In general I find Android more intuitive than iOS. I can't work out what to use it for - technically there are things, but I have a netbook and a laptop and my old netbook if I was desperate that does all the same things, but with the bonus of a keyboard. I have started Words With Friends on it, but it doesn't email you when someone's had a turn, so you have to go and check, which is not terribly well designed.

I have a Harry Potter Lego game which we are yet to play but took me about 45 minutes to construct...

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