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Labyrinthitis, again
Tuesday 28th October 2014 7:51 pm

I've had labyrinthitis again. This is a whole new load of dizziness, unrelated to the normal dizziness (except that last time I had labyrinthitis the dizziness didn't go away properly). I'm not actually better - previous experience tells me that it takes about a month to get completely better, although being used to being dizzy might make it quicker - or this tendency towards dizziness in the first place might make it slower.

Basically, it sucks. I spent four days in bed looking at my poster of a bunny and a kitten thinking about how much I wanted a rabbit and how unsuitable my garden is for rabbits. It saps my energy and my brain power and it's worse when using a computer and watching some things on TV (a small window on my netbook isn't so bad because it's smaller) and I have the brightness turned down on every computer-like device. I have got through about a book a day, once I was well enough to read more than a few pages at a time.

Also, my neighbours wake me up at 8am on weekday mornings with their door slamming - except for this morning when someone somewhere was hammering. I don't know why anyone needs to hammer anything that early in the morning.

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