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Being dynamic
Sunday 23rd November 2014 9:09 pm

I had nothing planned this weekend, so I wrote myself a to do list that would take less than a day if I did it all at once. So I got it all done and a bit more. I did enough food shopping to last a couple of weeks, cleaned the house (which was disgusting because it hadn't been cleaned for a month and a bit because I'd been too ill to do it), tidied and made all my Christmas cards. I had only planned to make a few, but I decided I had some time, so I finished the job off.

I now don't need to do anything around the house for a couple of weeks except catch up on my viewing and do writing. I am almost done with my SGA Santa fic, which is just as well because it's due in in two and a half weeks. Then I can go back to my Yuletide fic, which has yet to make it out of draft 1.

I have five things to talk about for my December talking meme, so I could fit some more in. It's the entry before this one - I can't be bothered to edit the post after I post to put the relevant link in on each site.

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December Talking Meme
Wednesday 19th November 2014 8:36 pm

This looked like fun last year and all sorts of people are doing it again this year, so I'll join in.

So give me a topic* and I'll try** and waffle about it sometime in December***.

*can be as broad or specific if you like - if I can't do it I'll say and if someone else has asked for something similar on another site I'll tell you

**if not December, I will get to it sometime

***probably excluding the first week of December when it's likely to be busy

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Another update
Sunday 16th November 2014 5:17 pm

It must be time for a weekly update about how I'm still dizzy. I don't feel like I'm getting better much, but I did make it to the tennis yesterday, which is on the other side of London. Trains (and the tube) are fine when it's dark and better when I'm sitting down than when I'm standing up.

The tennis was good, although the evening single's match was more exciting than the afternoon's one, but I was too tired to stay up for it. The doubles match was exciting though. The most bizarre thing was that they were allowed you to bring in full, unopened bottles of drink, but not empty bottles. I don't get that at all. Fortunately there were bars inside that would give you tap water (with ice) in a plastic glass, so we had that. And I bought another bottle from Sainsbury's at a fifth of the price they were selling bottles of water from inside the O2. And it probably tasted nicer - I think the cheaper the bottle of water the closer it is to tap water and therefore the nicer it tastes.

Friday I had a day off to recover from work before I went to the tennis. So I went into town to get some fruit & veg (having stocked up on everything else using online shopping while I was too ill to go anywhere). I stopped off in Carphone Warehouse to buy a new mobile phone. My old one was about eight years old, had a scratched screen and a very blue looking screen. I'd been waiting until the battery went to buy a new one, but having used it quite a bit while I was ill I decided it really was time for a new one - assuming I could find one at a decent price. My new one has a much nicer keyboard and was £8, which is pretty reasonable for a phone (it wasn't even the cheapest one they had - that was 99p).

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Sunday 9th November 2014 5:04 pm

I am still dizzy, hence the lack of updates. Some things I have been doing:

[info]dw_remix happened with 9 fantastic stories. I did read them all, although it took me a little while. I did discover it was easier to read on my iPod as then I could see less on a page. Usually that would be annoying, but at the moment the less I can see on a screen the less dizzy it makes me. I wrote And Almost Home (The Coal Hill Remix), an Ian/Barbara fic with a bit of New Who in there.

I've been needing to read books that don't require much effort and since I've recently read quite a bit of Chalet School, I've been going through my ordinary fiction collection. This mostly consists of Kate Long. I tend to only remember she exists when I'm ill and think to check if she has another book out. I discovered the last one was out when I was dizzy back in January and she hasn't written another since, so I had to content myself with reading all her other books instead.

I rewatched all of Coupling, which was funny. It's also only half an hour long episodes, which is better for my concentration. Also, since it's a sitcom, there's not much movement going on, either on screen or, more importantly, from the cameras. After I watched some extras on that I then watched Doctor Who Extra and I'm not sure Steven Moffatt has aged at all.

There is tennis on TV! Only in the day because Sky Sports have the rights, and no doubles because the BBC refuse to show doubles outside of Wimbledon (and often you don't get much of that). I am going to the first semi-final on Saturday, which I am determined to be well enough for.

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