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December talking meme: Bunnies
Sunday 7th December 2014 6:09 pm

[info]just_ann_now asked about bunnies. Since bunnies are best illustrated, I took all of the cuddly bunnies in my house and took a photo of them:


It doesn't look like much because it doesn't include the non-cuddly rabbits or the ones still in my room at my parents' house and a little one I missed because it's currently behind a card on my mantelpiece (you can never have too many bunnies).

For the talky bit, I love rabbits, in case no one's noticed. They are definitely my favourite animal. I've been trying to think about why and what it is I like about them and concluded that I don't know, I just like them. When it comes to cuddly animals they are better than any other and are very useful for cuddling. Rabbits are sweet to look at.

I had a rabbit when I was a child. He was lovely - he loved everyone. He's probably the reason I find lop eared bunnies sweeter than any other type. One day I will have rabbits - I will quite happily be the mad rabbit lady. But first I need a suitable garden and a suitable lifestyle. And be prepared to go out and feed them and clean them out in the freezing cold and the rain (it waits for you to go out there and then starts raining).

In the meantime there's always The Daily Bunny.

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One Response to “December talking meme: Bunnies”

Sue Mayer Says:

I see that 6 of those lovely bunnies are hand made 🙂

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