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December Talking Meme: Favourite Tolkien character
Monday 29th December 2014 3:13 pm

Finally getting back to these! [info]lindahoyland asked for my favourite Tolkien character.

The trouble is, my favourite depends a bit on what I've last read or seen, and when we're talking.

I really like Sam. He was my favourite for a while. He's loyal, and he's brave without being the brave one, if that makes sense. It's more of a background bravery. He went with Frodo, even though he wasn't so keen on the idea of adventure. He carries the ring for a bit, and then willingly gives it up - that's a pretty exclusive club of people who do that. He's an all round good egg, dependable and also the person you want by your side when throwing the One Ring into a volcano.

And then there's Aragorn. But I'm less interested in his destiny and being a King and a Ranger and marrying Arwen than I am in him growing up among Elves. It's more Estel that's my favourite than Aragorn, really. Once he's Aragorn he's far more a bog-standard hero type. Albeit one with a very pretty sword (I am anyone's for a pretty sword).

And then, of course, there's Elrond (seeing him in The Hobbit yesterday wielding a pretty sword helped with that). But Elrond is someone who loses nearly everyone he's ever loved and carries on anyway.

If I absolutely had to pick one character to be my favourite it would be Elrond and Estel. They're both interesting separately, but far more interesting together.

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