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December Talking Meme: my username
Saturday 10th January 2015 10:07 pm

[info]aralias asked me to talk about my username.

It is Paranoidangel - all one world and no capital letter on A (I have seen other people use both these variations). In some places it's already taken so I have to put a 42 on the end, but where I can I have paranoidangel. Mostly people tend to use PA for short, although sometimes it's Para - that seems to be less recent, though.

It started at uni when we played Quake on a Friday night - and by night I mean that literally because we didn't start until the bar closed and we finished around 6am Saturday morning. People tended to use some sort of pseudonym on it. Since the internet was still quite new at that point the only one I really had was my login, which I still use now as my secret identity.

But at the time the first thing that popped into my mind was "paranoid android" (ie Marvin from Hitchhikers). But the game wouldn't let me have that many characters, so I just went with Paranoid.

About a year later I was setting up an account on Freeserve, who at the time provided dial up internet. I had to come up with an email address that was, word2 had to be unique, but word1 could be anything. I was happy with word1 being my first name, but I disliked the idea of word2 being my last name. So I went for paranoid, but it was already taken.

This was the time that Buffy was on and in the moment of having to think something up in a hurry, I decided that angel would be the best word to tack onto the end of it.

When I needed a pseudonym on the internet, paranoidangel sounded like a good choice.

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