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Haven’t posted for a bit
Sunday 26th April 2015 8:34 pm

I've been thinking about posting and then haven't. I have all sorts of things started that I haven't finished or posted. Sometime I will. I've felt like I've got this huge to do list (and it is very long) to get through and I don't have any time during the week. I have crossed most of the things off my to do list, although there are some things I ought to get round to that I haven't even put on there yet.

Yesterday was the St George's Day celebration, so I helped on the Rotary stall. Theoretically for two hours, but I actually did four (with a break in the middle for lunch and looking around at what else there). And most of that was standing up. So that knocked me out yesterday (although did mean that since I spent the evening lying on the sofa, I did catch up on TV - there being a lot of election comedy stuff means you do have to keep up with it before it's really out of date).

And I somehow managed to finish my Spike/Lynda Unconventional Courtship fic: Aggressive Aggrandizement - titled with the aid of the most useful book for titling fics: the thesaurus.

Given that I've just finished a Chalet School book and a Press Gang fic now would be a good time to go back to Lynda Day at the Chalet School. But we'll see.

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