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Friday 8th May 2015 2:38 am

Since the government gave me an election for my birthday, I am celebrating by staying up watching it. Well, I say staying up. I actually got back from choir when the polls closed, stayed up for ten minutes while I felt more tired, went to bed for three and a half hours and then got up. I need to go to bed before dawn, when it's harder to sleep. Usually I'd stay up until there was a result, but it really doesn't look like there'll be one. There should be one in my constituency by the time I go to bed, but I already know the result of that, I'm just waiting to find out the percentage of the vote my MP will get this time.

I voted before work, which was unexpectedly complicated. I knew I had two local elections as well as the general, but one of them involved choosing three from a reasonable selection, the other was seven from a very long list. Although I ran out of candidates who actually lived in the area and weren't Conservative or UKIP before I go to seven. The worrying part of it was the number of UKIP candidates who lived locally. I had a lot of UKIP leaflets. But they're counting the general tonight, and the locals Friday and Saturday, so it'll be a while before we have all the results.

I'm quite liking Jeremy Paxman and David Mitchell on the Alternative Election Night. It never occurred to me before not to watch BBC1 (although in 1997 I watched the Election Night Armistice, which only went until 1.30am, but then I had school the next day).

If that's all incoherent and rambly, then it is 2.30am and my stomach has decided it's breakfast time.

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