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Red Dwarf and fanfic
Saturday 16th May 2015 2:33 pm

I just read today, in the TV guide of all places, that Red Dwarf has two more series! One next year, one the year after. I am very excited about that because X was good. Theoretically I have the news feed in my RSS reader, but it's refused to update since February. And the twitter account hasn't been updated since 2012.

Remix ([info]remixers_lounge) is happening. Well, sign-ups are happening until the end of the weekend. I like that they have the signup and request summaries visible, so you can see who you're likely to be remixing. It will only finish two months before [info]dw_remix starts, but I can't move that any later, as otherwise it ends up clashing with Yuletide.

Starting this weekend is [info]lost_spook Obscure and British commentfest. Obscure and British is what most of my fandoms are, so hopefully I will manage some fills this time round.

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