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Saturday 3rd October 2015 5:24 pm

I didn't mean to go a week between posts, but I've had the lurgy. Still got it, really, but at least some of the symptoms have gone. I was off work with it, which meant I had lots of time to watch stuff and read books and then discovered I didn't have enough energy for it. In this week I have watched:

The Thick of It
This would be because Doctor Who is back on. I went for the episode where Malcolm Tucker was very unlike himself after getting fired. It turns out that Thick of It is really hard going.

I wanted to re-watch this after Wimbledon and didn't get to it. A bit on the long side, but much more my brain-level last week. It was so weird seeing Centre Court looking like it did in 2004(!) - no hawkeye, digital scoreboard (rather than screen), no roof. What's amusing is that back then the whole idea of a British man in the final at Wimbledon was a fantasy...

Downton Abbey
I wish there'd been more of this than just the two episodes I needed to catch up on. It was just right for mindlessly watching without making me tired. Plus the usual complete and utter ridiculousness you expect from Downton Abbey.

I got a bit behind on this after the first two episodes (of eight, I think). I ended up watching about five this week, I think. I enjoyed it, although I had to watch it with the subtitles on because they keep whispering. At the end it looked like they were saying there's going to be another series, which I don't think there should be. It's the sort of thing that works great for one series, but can go OTT if they try and spin it out.

Stargate: Atlantis
Turns out this was about my brain-level too. Although having seen it before could have helped with that. At least watching bits of it made me feel like I was doing something towards my SGA Santa fic. It reminded me how much I like Elizabeth's hair in season 3.

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