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Yuletide reveal
Friday 1st January 2016 11:06 am

I can finally talk about what I wrote for Yuletide!

When the tag list came out, I saw that the 40-Love Cupidity Cornetto short film was on there. I wrote a treat for it for [info]selenay last year and quite fancied writing it again. I had a couple of letters bookmarked and then got assigned [info]selenay... I ended up writing:

More Than Tennis (3257 words)
Fandom: Cornetto "40 - love" Commercial
Relationships: Debbie/Maria Fernandez
Characters: Debbie, Maria Fernandez
Summary: Being in a relationship with a tennis star isn't always easy. Especially for the star.

I really enjoyed writing this - which is probably how I somehow came to write another long fic with very little writing time! I hadn't known, until I read it in another letter, that line judging is something most of them do in their free time, rather than as a career, so it was really interesting to research. I wrote this based on a prompt about more of Debbie's life, but despite writing it from Debbie's POV and setting it after the tournament in the short film, it somehow felt like being more about Maria's life than Debbie's.

I had a whole load of treats bookmarked and didn't think I'd get to them. But then things got quiet a couple of weeks before Christmas and I had a bit of a writing spree.

Press Gang does GISHWHES (726 words)
Fandom: Gishwhes, Press Gang
Characters: Lynda Day, Spike Thomson, Kenny Phillips, "Tiddler" Tildesley, Colin Mathews
Summary: It's not the taking part that counts, it's the winning.

I've been meaning to write this for a while, having seen it on [info]jednic's letters a few times. This year I finally got round to it. I only know GISHWHES from the mentions I've seen of a few people I know who have done it. But I looked up the list of items for 2015's round and used that as inspiration. The rest wrote itself. The amusing thing is that if you click on the GISHWHES fandom link it takes you to Supernatural RPF - even though it doesn't include anyone from Supernatural, it's more the idea of GISHWHES.

Alien Estate (1110 words)
Fandom: Sarah Jane Adventures
Characters: Alan Jackson, Maria Jackson, Gita Chandra, Haresh Chandra
Summary: When you live opposite Sarah Jane Smith, selling your house isn't easy.

When time came for nominations I dithered over SJA because I've asked for it quite a few times and I couldn't think of one thing I'd really like. But I really wanted to write it. So I was very glad that [info]dbskyler nominated it and requested it and wrote a letter. Back when sign-ups were going on I had a vague Gita-centric idea, but it stayed vague and by the time I had time to write I was quite taken with the idea of Alan trying to sell his house to the Chandras and hiding the alien activity going on over the road. So I had fun writing it and remembering how much I loved the series as I rewatched bits of it.

Alien Invasion Farm (1041 words)
Fandom: Historical Farm (UK TV)
Characters: Ruth Goodman, Peter Ginn, Alex Langlands
Summary: Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn go back in time to relive the day-to-day life of a farmer during the alien invasion.

When the letters went up I looked at any that included fandoms I knew, whether I was going to write them or not. The prompts for this one sounded interesting, with things like a farm on the moon. Alien Invasion Farm just popped into my head, although I didn't have any ideas for it to start with. And then all of a sudden I did and wrote it. It was supposed to include chickens, but I couldn't make that bit work, so it didn't, in the end.

Fight, Read, Jump (1053 words)
Fandom: The Librarians (TV 2014)
Characters: Flynn Carsen, Ezekiel Jones
Summary: Flynn attempts to mentor Ezekiel.

I wanted to write The Librarians this year, as it was on TV too late to qualify last year and will probably be too big next year. I felt so sure that I'd get it as my assignment, but I didn't. So once I had time I went through the letters, to see if anything caught my eye. Since we'd just had an Ezekiel-centred episode, this one with Ezekiel did - and it wasn't shippy, which a lot of the letters were. I almost didn't write it because as much as I liked the prompt, it took me a while to think of what specifically to write.

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