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2016 fic roundup
Tuesday 3rd January 2017 6:47 pm

Summary: I didn't write much until Yuletide and then I wrote loads.

(Here is last year's)


List of Completed Fics:
(The links all go to my website, although they are all on AO3 and all the Doctor Who ones are on Teaspoon)
Star Wars Prequels: The New Master
Press Gang: Eaten by a Dinosaur
Doctor Who: Second Chance with the Doctor’s Companion
Enterprise: Fire to the Finish
Doctor Who: At Last a Dragon
Doctor Who: Double Desolation
Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures: Tea and Biscuits
The Last Leg: The Aztec Zone Mistake
The Last Leg Conundrum
The Last Leg: The After-party
The Last Leg: Tutu Too
Father Ted: Twitterati
Historical Farm: Mystery Cake and Moonshine
40-Love: Receiver's Choice
The Librarians: How to Pick up Women in Bars

Total number: 15
Total word count: 22,158
Ship/fandom/character breakdown:

Gen: 9
Het: 1
Slash: 3
Femslash: 2

40 Love: 1
Enterprise: 1
Father Ted: 1
Historical Farm: 1
Press Gang: 1
Sarah Jane Adventures: 1
Star Wars Prequels: 1
The Librarians: 1
Doctor Who: 4
The Last Leg: 4

Characters who appear in more than one fic:
Josh Widdicombe: 4
Alex Brooker: 3
Jonnie Peacock: 3
Adam Hills: 2
Sarah Jane Smith: 2

Compared to last year I wrote one fewer fic and about 1000 fewer words, but more fandoms altogether.

General questions:

Looking back, did you write more fics than you thought you would this year, less than you thought, or about what you predicted?
Less. I had terrible writer's block for most of the year. The solution to writer's block is to give yourself permission to write crap. Which was fine, but at some point it all had to be less crap and actually finished. Yuletide assignments going out while I was off work on holiday but too ill to go anywhere was why I ended up writing a lot. Those fics have a lot of drafts.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted last year?
The Last Leg. Last year I mentioned that I was on the slippery slope of RPF by writing Historical Farm for Yuletide 2015. I think it's safe to say I'm now firmly at the bottom of it.

What's your favourite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.
Doctor Who: At Last a Dragon. Because it's the Doctor and John Chesterton having fun. It's just a nice, happy story.

Okay, NOW your most popular story.
The Librarians: How to Pick up Women in Bars. It wasn't my most popular story until 2017! Somehow it has managed 28 kudos and 4 comments on AO3. My Librarians fic seems attract kudos (but few comments). It's more of a comment on the fandom than my writing, mind you.

Story most underappreciated by the universe?
Enterprise: Fire to the Finish. Because it seems like no one cares about Malcom Reed & Archer friendship fic. I can't blame them - neither did I until I started researching/writing it.

Story that could have been better?
The Last Leg: Tutu Too. I feel like it's my least good of the four Last Leg fics.

Sexiest story?
Usually I struggle with this and manage to find something with a kiss in it. But this time I have Doctor Who: Double Desolation. It involves mentions of what just happened during sex and getting dressed.

Saddest story?
So Doctor Who: Tea and Biscuits is set just before the Eleventh Doctor knows he's going to die.

Most fun?
Father Ted: Twitterati is just silly all the way through.

Story with single sweetest moment?
This was a really hard one, but probably the ending of Doctor Who: Second Chance with the Doctor’s Companion

Hardest story to write?
Doctor Who: Double Desolation. When I started it I realised that although I liked the idea of Missy/Clara, I struggled to find a reason why Clara would go along with that. And I struggled to think of Missy as not a hamster.

Easiest/most fun story to write?
The Last Leg: Conundrum was the easiest. It's mostly fluff and fluff is what I find easiest to write.

Did any stories shift your perceptions of the characters?
The Aztec Zone Mistake. I hadn't really thought about any of these people that much before and now I had to get in their heads (particularly Josh's). It was a while after I finished before I could watch The Last Leg in quite the same way as I had before I started.

Most overdue story?
Doctor Who: Doctor Who: At Last a Dragon was about six months late.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
I did femslashex this year, having thought for a couple of years that I should try it once. I learnt that I could do it, but I am not that into femslash as a thing (just as much as I'm not into slash, het or gen as things).

What are your fic writing goals for next year?
Finish some things I started a couple of years ago. Get a line on my gen prompt bingo card and then get another (despite writing 8 fics for Yuletide, none of them fit a single open square on my card). Do Chocolate Box. Other than that, see what comes up. I'd like to write some more Librarians and maybe some more Last Leg, but we'll see. Let's not mention Lynda Day of the Chalet School...

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