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Thursday 26th January 2017 8:47 pm

Missy is a hamster who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. Which is why she's been chewing up my back door mat - she think it'll get her out the back door. One place there is no way she is going ever.

She hasn't chewed it for a while because she's had more important things to do in the evening: she wants to live in the sofa.


It started when she found a gap between the sofa and the material across the bottom of it. She had a great time in there - I don't know what she does but I saw her climb and heard her jump. I found where she got in and patched it up.

And then she found another way in. I don't know where because she didn't either - she chewed her way out. I can't patch that up (yet) because she went in there while I was cleaning her out. She 'helps' me clean her out and one of the ways is that she pouches her food store so I can't throw it away. Which actually is helpful because her food store is where most of her pooh is. She went in the sofa with pouches full of food and came out with empty pouches. Since it's dried food it'll be fine in there for a while but I don't want to patch up the hole and have hamster food living in there for years.


Since then she's filled her pouches with her bedding and asked to be let out of her cage. And come out, filled her pouches with cardboard and then I've had to catch her and put her back in her cage so she can't put that cardboard in the sofa and use it for bedding. Fortunately I've got good at catching her. After that she gets all stroppy.

So I currently have a nightly battle with a hamster, which I'm really hoping will end with her taking the food out of the sofa...

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