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Star Trek (again)
Sunday 14th May 2017 1:20 pm

I must have coped back before LJ improved the subject lines in their notifications, but now I'm getting more from DW than LJ, I'm completely confused by which entry "Reply to your entry" is actually referring to and then lose track of which I've replied to (or need to reply to). So for now I am purposely not posting very often. In an ideal world I'd just get everyone to comment on my blog, but that would require some effort to make sure OpenID is working and the whole comment page isn't crappy, and it's just not top of my list. I haven't even put Windows fonts on my new computer yet.

I discovered that between the Horror Channel and Pick, on a weekday morning you can watch Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Star Trek (Original Series) and Stargate Atlantis. I worked from home and my morning went very quickly with all that on. Although they put them all into an hour, so with the exception of TOS, the adverts go on forever.

Deep Space Nine was on season 4, which I could tell from Sisko's (lack of) hair and what was going on with the Dominion. I remembered nothing about the episode, except when Michael Eddington turned up and I knew he was Maquis. It's only the second (I think) episode of DS9 I've seen since I saw the last episode at uni, and the first was Trials and Tribble-ations.

I had forgotten how great Jadzia was, and she was only in one scene. I liked Kasidy more than the first time round and therefore I tried to care a bit more about Sisko and Jake and just couldn't. I don't seem to do well with caring that much about Star Trek captains. Maybe a little with Kirk and Picard, but Sisko, Janeway and Archer not so much.

I sort of want to watch it again from season 4 because I've forgotten so much, and the parts that interest me are different from the parts that interested me when it was originally on. But it's not going to happen any time soon because it's taken me all year to manage one season of The West Wing.

Voyager was the first episode of it I'd seen since it was originally on BBC2. I remember the last season well. Not the content, but the BBC taking a year to show it, me losing the will to live, but watching it because I'd seen all of Star Trek up to that point and I wanted to see the last episode and thought I might need to know what happened up to that point. I was wrong about that, I remember. Voyager (particularly the last season) was the reason I didn't want to watch Enterprise (until they announced it had Scott Bakula in it and then of course I watched it).

The thing I loved most about the episode I saw was the intro theme tune. It's lovely! I love it much more than I did at the time. It's long and boring to sit through when you just want to watch the episode, but I found myself paying more attention to it than the rest of the episode. I really enjoyed the theme tune. Janeway's voice, though, shocked me. I'd forgotten what it was like. I got used to it by the end of the episode, but I kept having to turn her down because it grated so much. Superficial, I know, but Janeway herself was already annoying and her voice was not helping.

The episode, not so much. This is partly because I remembered it. And I thought I'd pretty much blocked Voyager from my mind. It was early season 1 and it was one where, at the end, they didn't remember anything that happened in the episode. My memory of it being early season 1, and the EMH not knowing who the First Officer was were the only clues that it was early season 1 (besides Kes rather than Seven and Janeway's hair). Which is terrible for the character growth that fails to go on. I assumed the interactions between Paris and Kim meant it was a later season. And I couldn't have told you who was Starfleet and who was Maquis from watching that.

Until I saw it I was starting to wonder if my memories had given Voyager a bad press. Turns out, my memories are accurate and I am quite happy never to watch it again.

And then there was The Original Series. Which I actually enjoyed most out of the three. Despite being longer, it felt like it zipped through the plot faster and I had to pay more attention to it then the other two. Maybe because it was Amok Time and Spock is my favourite character out of all the Star Trek series. It did have the annoying '60s thing of sticking the same bit of music in, loud, when there's a fight sequence. And Kirk's ripping of his shirt is clearly ridiculous, but I mind it less now Galaxy Quest ripped the piss out of that.

It was interesting to see the Vulcans, and the way the women (T'Pau and T'Pring) had long hair, albeite tied up. I'm pretty sure that in the modern series all Vulcans had short hair, male or female. T'Pring, of course, was always in soft focus, but that's TOS for you.

I remember reading something a lot time ago, not so much specific to this episode, but about them trying to find ways to get Spock to smile. Which he does at the end of this episode when he discovers Kirk is alive. It's not that unreasonable, since he is half-human, but it just feels wrong to see Spock smiling. Of course back then his lack of emotion was this whole alien thing - and he was the only alien on the ship. But now we're used to Vulcans and them showing how they feel only subtly.

Only thing with this episode is because I didn't see any Star Trek until the 90s, T'Pau is a pop group to me.

Stargate Atlantis was the episode where they meet this bloke who everyone loves and only Sheppard is immune from his charms. I remembered it well enough that I didn't need to pay attention to it, but I couldn't help it when Sheppard and McKay were arguing. I'd forgotten how much I like their banter.

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