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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 30th August 2017 8:34 pm

What I Just Finished Reading
Knowing the Score: My Family and Our Tennis Story by Judy Murray. Which is all [info]selenay's fault. We were in Foyles, she was looking at cookbooks, the sports section was next to the cookery section, I started reading this book and then decided I couldn't wait for it to come out in paperback. I then read it in a day. It's partly what made me watch her Strictly dances, given that she has a chapter on it. It was really interesting to read how she (and then Jamie & Andy) got into tennis. And how much time and money their training took.

I was really interested to read about the gender divide in tennis. Things are starting to improve, but there are very few female coaches and girl players aren't taken as seriously as boy players. No male players were coached by women, and not many female players were either. I thought nothing of Andy taking on Amelie Mauresmo as his coach, but the reaction in the sport was really awful. A lot of people thought that a woman couldn't coach a man, even though it's the same sport. It was eye-opening.

What got me reading was the first chapter when she talked about Wimbledon when she was a girl. Her parents had it on all the time, the channel only got changed when play had finished, her dad was always home from work on time to watch it, and no food was cooked. Sounds just right to me!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I saw this in Foyles, was intrigued by the title and [info]selenay said it was good, so I got it from the library. And then I spent the long weekend reading it. I really enjoyed it. The author said at the end that she'd read a lot of Harry Potter fanfic and it showed. What amuses me is that during the book the main character is writing a fanfic called "Carry On, Simon", generally abbreviated to "Carry On." So then Rainbow Rowell has written Carry On - it's an actual book. Which I will get round to reading at some point, but before then there are some other books by her that are in my library (rather than the county).

What I'm Currently Reading
The Wave by Morton Rhue. I've been wanting to re-read this for a while, but hadn't got round to looking up the author until I spotted it on a shelf in Foyles or Waterstones. We read it in secondary school - the only book I can remember reading that wasn't a book we were doing for English Lit. My memory of it is that it's about understanding how the Nazis sucked people in and got them to do horrible things. Although my main memory of it is that we had to write another chapter at the end (although I remember thinking it ended at a good point). It was one of only two things I did that my English teacher liked (the other was a ballad we had to write - I wrote it about tennis).

Enigma Tales by Una McCormack. Technically I'm currently reading it, although I only got a few pages in before being distracted by Judy Murray and library books.

What I'm Reading Next
I finally made it to the top of the reserve list for the library ebook of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. It's just annoying that I have to turn my old, slow Windows computer on to download it. And given that I couldn't watch the TV series too late in the evening, I won't even try reading this before bed.

Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman. Because she mentioned it on Twitter and now I have the paperback on reserve from the library (I don't like hardbacks: too big and heavy and hard to read in bed).

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