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Dear Yuletide Writer
Monday 2nd October 2017 10:47 am

Dear Yuletide Writer,

This letter is to give you some ideas, but if none of them are your thing feel free to disregard any of my prompts. I've put down some things I'd love to see, but there is so little fic in any of these fandoms that I'd be so happy to see anything at all in any of them.

For these fandoms my requested characters are Any. That's because I like all of the nominated characters and can't decide which of them and in which combinations I'd rather have. Feel free to write other characters in these fandoms too - there's none that I don't like.

- Stories that feel like a piece of canon
- Stories that make me laugh
- Stories that make me cry
- Stories that give me warm, fuzzy feelings
- Banter
- Friendship
- What If AUs
- Time travel/playing around with time
- Unusual formats (eg epistolary, IF, five things, etc) as well as the usual formats too
- For shippy things: meaningful touches

- Non-canonical (permanent) character death
- Anything that requires an adult rating (aside from language, if it's appropriate to the canon)
- Bodily fluids (unless it's for laughs)
- Any relationships not mentioned below
- AUs that change the setting
- For shippy things: power imbalance

The prompts:
Cornetto "40-Love" Commercial (any: Debbie, Maria)
I asked for this last year and got a great fic, which has just whet my appetite for more. And you can't have too much of a good thing.

What I love most about these two is the tennis, so something with tennis in it would be good (bonus points for including wheelchair tennis). Does Debbie play any tennis? Maybe Maria tries coaching her. Or outside of tennis, I'd like to see what Debbie's good at and whether Maria tries her hand at one of Debbie's hobbies.

I also love their relationship. I've like to see a moment that shows us what one of them likes about the other (aside from their shared experiences with fame and love of tennis). How hard is it to have a relationship with a well-known tennis player? How much publicity does Debbie end up with for dating a famous tennis player and how much does she hate it? How does Maria fit Debbie in around the tour?

Or I'd be just as happy receiving something with only one of these characters. What was Maria's life like before we meet her? How much respect did she actually get for being a tennis player and how much for her looks? What happened to make her serve go so terrible? How did she feel being a gay sportsperson when there aren't many that come out before they retire? Does her father come round to her friendship and relationship with Debbie?

What was Debbie's life like before we meet her? How did she get into lines umpiring? Did she play any tennis as a child? Does she have any desire to do line judging full time/become an umpire? Had she met any other tennis players off court before? What's her day job like? What do her friends and family think of her lines umpiring - do they get excited when they see her on TV at the tournament? What do her friends and family think about her relationship with Maria?

For this prompt I'd rather no real people appear in it. They can be mentioned, or use some of the characteristics of the real players, but I'd rather the tennis world here is slightly removed from the real world. And I'd rather no drugs/failed drug tests either.

The Last Leg RPF (any: Adam, Josh, Alex, Jonnie)
I love this show for the irreverent humour, the making sense of the news and the jokes. But mostly for the friendship (with frequent teasing) between Adam, Josh and Alex. I love the times when they've done sports: whether it's racing each other, being terrible at disability sports or just scaling them down to fit in the studio. The Josh and Alex shipping (with Alex and Carrie Fisher shipping on the side). I like that Josh wrote Adam/Alex fan fiction when they had their handwriting analysed).

I didn't request any characters for this because I'd be happy to see any of them in any combination. Maybe they compete at some more sports or write (more) fanfiction about each other. Maybe they invent a new sport that only they are good at and try it get it included in the Paralympics. We know Adam went to the Para-Athletics, but did Josh or Alex? Since Adam beat Jonnie over 1km at Superhero Tri, maybe they train for a 1km race and see who wins this time. Maybe Josh and Alex get involved in that, but in an inventive way that means they don't have to run 1km. How about if Adam was ill and couldn't do the show? Who would take his place? How much would Josh and Alex be sympathetic and how much would they tease him?

I also ship Josh/Jonnie (and like them as friends too). I like Jonnie's hair and how he's the nicest man in the world, and funny too. And keeps touching Josh's arse. I love how much fun they had with Josh's crush over the Paralympics and in The Crystal Maze and the reminder of it on the second Para-athletics special. What really happened in Rio that stayed in Rio (beyond what we saw on the show)? Since Josh has got his hair done like Jonnie's twice now, maybe Jonnie gets his done like Josh. What about Josh's other bromances or Alex's revelation that it was just a Showmance, like on Celebrity Big Brother? You could include Jonnie's time on Strictly - and since Jonnie was upset he didn't get to dance with Josh on the show, how about him getting that dance?

He's not nominated, but I also loved Liam Malone on the show, if you wanted to include him. I wouldn't mind seeing more of the rivalry between him and Jonnie - maybe they're given more tasks to compete at. Or just Liam's humour or love of photos of himself - maybe he or Jonnie (or both!) do that billboard of them in their underwear. Maybe they rope Adam/Josh/Alex in to do a billboard too.

Taskmaster (any: Greg, Alex, Bob, Hugh, Joe L, Joe W, Mel, Nish, Rob, Tim)
I love this show because it's so funny. I cried with laughter when Noel, Joe and Lolly did the team bath task. And when the contestants were all collecting tears in series 1. I like how inventive the tasks are and how inventive the comedians are at solving them. But especially, just how terrible they can be at failing them. I like how Greg doesn't hold back when he thinks someone's solution or prize is terrible. And how he and Alex are always touching and joking about what Alex is allowed to do at home.

I didn't request any characters for this because I don't mind which comedian you have in here. It could be someone who's been on any of the series (whether nominated or not) or any other comedian that you think would be good on it (don't worry about whether or not I might have heard of them - if I haven't I'll be excited to discover a new one). Or just Greg and/or Alex.

I'd like to see something like the show, with tasks, banter, lateral thinking, reading between the lines of a task or just bringing in terrible items for the prize task. You could write one of the tasks we've already seen, but with different comedians. Or go with a new task. Or have any of them repeat a task, see if they've found a way to do it better this time. Have a later series do a task that was done in the previous series - see who's been paying attention to what came before them.

Or change the teams - how would a team task go with different people in the team (who weren't necessarily in the same series)? Or cross it over with The Crystal Maze - how would some of them get on with those sorts of challenges? How would they do at helping each other? Or stick them all in an Escape Room and see if they manage to escape. Or how about having Alex and/or Greg do a task?

Given this clip how about a task where they're given a pig and have to put some pig urine into a car's petrol tank?

Or for something completely different, just showing some of that home life in the Taskmaster house that Greg and Alex joke about.

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