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Sunday 26th November 2017 2:30 pm

I was thinking that I haven't posted about (and photos of) Missy for a while.
Missy on a cushion

It was a couple of months ago that I thought she was in bed when I went to bed, but then I realised she could be anywhere in the house. She'd kept wanting to go out in the hall, and although she had a couple of times, it was a pain because there's quite a big gap between the floor and the bottom of the kitchen door, and she could get up to all sorts of mischief in the kitchen. I thought I'd solved this by buying a draft excluder to go at the bottom of the door.

However, it turned out that because it was furry and the floor is lino, it moves across the floor really easily. It didn't take Missy long to discover that she could climb on it and then push it away from the door far enough to get under the door. But I could at least just hold it in position to stop her. Although she did attack it, because she wasn't happy about it.

After a while of playing she'd gone back in the lounge and gone back in her cage for a drink and a mooch about. I wasn't really paying attention and assumed because I couldn't hear her that she'd gone to bed. Until I put her cage back on the table and discovered her bed was empty. And I hadn't shut the lounge door.

I went out into the hall and found the draft excluder had moved and she was in the kitchen. Given the mess she might have been down the side of the washing machine (which is next to the wall), but when I found her, she was chewing the board that runs below the cupboards. Because she has no interest in chewing anything wooden I give her, but will chew anything wooden that is part of the house. She wasn't happy about being put back in her cage, unsurprisingly.

More recently, when I fed her we'd got into the habit of her sitting at the top of her tube, while I passed her bits of food for her to pouch. She might look over at her food bowl with food in, and then slide down the tube and go and find the bits of food that had mysteriously got buried in her cage. She was always very gentle: when I fed her very small bits I sometimes ended up touching her teeth.

A couple of weeks ago I started a new bag of wood shavings. They pack them so the wood shavings comes out as solid blocks. Missy was 'helping' so I'd put a block of wood shavings in he cage and she'd sniff it, because solid blocks of wood shavings were a new things. And then I'd break it up and she'd dig around in it to check to see if there was any food in it. The fact that it smelled entirely like wood shavings and not at all like food did not deter her.

I watched a video this morning about judging the pet category at hamster shows. The judge would get the hamster out and examine it and stroke it while it was on his hand. And then just leave it on his hand while giving scores. Missy would have escaped. And thus come last.

She died on Tuesday. There's never going to be another hamster quite like Missy.

Missy on the sofa

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