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Yuletide 2017
Monday 1st January 2018 5:25 pm

Yuletide happened and I got two fics and a game. Which I am so excited about, but waited to talk about until I could say what I wrote, for reasons which will become obvious.

First of all, my assignment was [info]dbskyler which amused me. Partly because I also wrote for her in Public Call last year, but also because if I'd asked for SJA for Yuletide I'd have asked for the same thing.

Initially I thought I'd write the Gita saves the world from Missy fic that I mentioned earlier in the year, even though it would mean I wouldn't be anonymous (which I don't care much about anyway). Except I couldn't think of anything. So I turned to my gen prompt bingo card, was reminded there was a square on there for 'Trickster' and then I had the plot. And somehow wrote 5000 words.
Bloomin' Aliens (5019 words)
Summary: There are aliens at Park Vale and only Gita can save the school.

I had an idea that I'd also write the Gita saves the world from Missy fic as well, thus making dkskyler think I didn't write the other fic. But I wrote it and it was really all about Missy, so I didn't want to gift it to dbskyler because there's not enough Gita in it and I couldn't post it for Yuletide anyway because it's too Doctor Who. So I didn't write this for Yuletide:
The Time Lady and the Lamp (1330 words)
Summary: Missy loses a genie in a flower shop.

I was introduced to Taskmaster last year by my Yuletide 2016 recipient, Biscuit Lion. This year they also asked for Taskmaster and included the idea of team Wumar, a room escape task and IF. Although I'd like to write IF, I realised that the amount of time plotting, writing and learning IF was more than I had before Yuletide. So instead I wrote a room escape task focusing on Nish and Mark's general incompetence.
Hidden Clues (1924 words)
Summary: Team Wumar attempt a room escape task.

And then this summer I was with [info]selenay in a bookshop and I happened to notice a book called Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, which sounded interesting. She told me it was good. So I got it from the library and it was good. I then dithered for a while about whether to read Carry On, until I did read it about a month ago. I then went looking for Carry On prompts and found one from Pugglemuggle about a love spell and I had to write it.
Love Me, Love Me Not (1392 words)
Summary: A spell has made everyone at Watford fall in love with Simon. All except one person.

And then there are my gifts. I am (still) really excited that I got three gifts. I correctly guessed that two were from my last year's recipient. I was keen to know who the other was from, since very few people have written in the fandom, but it was orphaned.

The main one is a great The Last Leg one in text messages based on Josh writing Alex/Adam fanfic for their handwriting analysis.
Kudos (1520 words)
Summary: theperfectsidekick left kudos on Kudos by Biscuit Lion
Set on the morning after the handwriting analysis segment from series 10.

And I also got a Josh/Jonnie Last Leg treat:
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (1889 words) by orphan_account
Summary: Adam has decided that Jonnie's outfits on Strictly Come Dancing need improvement, and by improvement, he means sequins. So naturally, it's up to Josh to keep Jonnie distracted long enough.

And then I was amused (and excited) to get an IF treat for Taskmaster, with Nish and Mark doing a room escape game. Which was a lot less effort than writing one, and more fun to play because mine wouldn't have been so good.
Alex Is The Winner & A Cacophony of Not-Quite-Quacks (3892 words) by Biscuit Lion
Summary: Escape from this room.
Alex will be monitoring your progress. You may not ask Alex for hints, and you may not ask Alex to enter the room.
Fastest wins. Your time starts now.

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