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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars February wrap-up
Wednesday 28th February 2018 9:29 pm

This month I've been listening to podfic. To find some I started off with the podfic tag on AO3 and put in a few fandoms that came to mind as unlikely to give me too many works to wade through. And then a bit of googling found me [info]podfic-love. Between the two I downloaded a few things from a few different fandoms.

I started with the shortest one I found and although I got to the end I lost interest. I ended up going to the original fic to read that to see what happened and it didn't grab me either. I tried another, didn't get very far through and was tempted to stop there. And I was struggling with the American accents. You can't tell what accent the podficcer has before you try and I find American accents really hard going on audio, for some reason.

But then it got to last weekend, I thought that it's close to the end of the month, I've got a load of podfic downloaded and I should try some more. It's just as well I did because I came across two I enjoyed!

(if you knew what i know) [PODFIC] by bessyboo
Fandom: Sarah Jane Adventures
Relationships: Clyde Langer/Luke Smith
Summary: And it really isn’t Luke’s fault that his best friend has a hugely inappropriate and aching crush on him, so Clyde should probably stop taking it out on him.

This isn't a fic I'd normally have read because I don't ship Luke & Clyde. And I wasn't sure about listening to someone with an American accent read it, because SJA is British. And yet I liked it anyway. I think it helped that it wasn't a strong accent. The only weird bit was the pronunciation of biro - I only knew what the word was supposed to be from the context.

[PODFIC] Not Exactly a Ring by kerravon
Fandom: The Librarian (Movies), The Librarians (TV 2014)
Relationships: Charlene (The Librarian)/Judson (The Librarian)
Summary: Author: "Charlene had always thought she was ready to give her all when the time came to protect the Library. Some things, though, there really is no way to prepare for. Giving her heart and soul to seal the Library doesn't turn out quite the way she expected, and Librarians, to a body, have the worst senses of timing in the universe. Judson/Charlene, tag to episodes 1x01 and 1x02."

I downloaded this one because I thought it sounded familiar - turns out I read it, back when The Librarians first started. So I knew I already liked the story. The American accent was stronger in this one, but it seemed to fit the fandom and the characters. Even if I kept laughing every time "library" was pronounced with three syllables. I think in the episodes I'm distracted from dwelling on it so much.

I've concluded that to like a podfic I have to like the fic and like the voice. With the former you have the summary to go on, just like fanfic. But there's generally no clues about the latter. And even then I'm clearly still fickle and don't know what I want. And although I can see times when it's useful to listen to podfic, they're the same times when I listen to podcasts. Except that podfic you have to concentrate on more because it's easy to miss things and then be completely lost. So despite having enjoyed two podfics, I don't know that I'll listen to any more.

I'll give this a 7/10.

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Where did all the sport go?
Monday 26th February 2018 8:32 pm

If there was ever a good time to have a cold that made me feel crap and set my asthma off so I spent a week and a half working from home, during the Winter Olympics is that time. There was sport on TV for the whole time I was working (and before and after it too). And a lot of it is sport that doesn't require too much effort. I find that once you've seen one person go down a track on a tea tray, or down a hill on a skis, or do acrobatics on a snowboard you've seen them all.

Except for the curling, obviously. I found I liked working with curling in the background. Until it got really important (men's tie-break, women's semis and bronze medal match) so then I taped them and watched them only when I could concentrate on them.

I think the only sports I didn't watch at all were the ice hockey and figure skating. Ice hockey because it's like one giant game of spot the ball. I saw a bit of a penalty shoot-out on one match and I couldn't tell whether they got a goal or not. The figure skating because all the movement and direction changing of the skaters and the camera makes me dizzy. Although I did watch our pair in the ice dance free program. I noticed that he was spotting during the twizzles. The rest of the time I listened to music punctuated by Robin Cousins telling me what jump they'd just done.

I also loved snowboard cross. Otherwise known as let's have a snowboard race where everyone falls over. And I am here for people falling over. The ski version is not as fun - hardly anyone fell over. I felt the same about the halfpipe and slopestyle. I can understand the snowboard version - it is a bit like skateboarding after all. But doing all that stuff on skis just seems a bit odd.

Fortunately the Winter Paralympics starts end of next week. I will be at work for that and catching up will be harder because 4OD has adverts, but it has curling and sports that are more crazy than in the Olympics.

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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 21st February 2018 8:55 pm

What I Just Finished Reading
I got all of the Daisy Dalrymple ebooks the library had, in case I liked them. I did so I've so I've just finished Death at Wentwater Court, The Winter Garden Mystery and The Bloody Tower. The series is set in the 1920s (but written in the modern day) and Daisy has a tendency to fall over dead bodies and be instrumental in solving the murder. Alec is a Scotland Yard DCI who is actually being paid to solve the murder. And fancies Daisy. The third book was number 16 in the series, so all of a sudden they're married with twin babies. Although nothing much changes. That one was set in the Tower of London, which I really need to get round to going to. The second one was set near Chester and I was in/coming back from Chester while I read it. Daisy spent a day in the city and talked about walking the wall and what she'd seen and I can tell you it's accurate, because I'd just done the same thing!

What I'm Currently Reading
Gone West, which is book 20 in the series. No one's died yet, but we've met all the suspects, so the murder must be soon. Since Daisy's gone to stay with an old school friend I don't know how the narrative will get Alex there.

What I'm Reading Next
The county does have nearly all of the remaining Daisy Dalrymple books, although annoyingly none of them my local library, so I will have to pay £1 for each of them. But I think I might be Daisy Dalrympled out by the end of this book. So I'll be going back to Little Men, which I was getting through slowly at a chapter a night.

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Chester and cold
Sunday 18th February 2018 2:42 pm

I went to Chester last weekend, came home and then got a cold. Work has been busy before and since, hence the lack of posting.

I wouldn't have chosen to go up north in the middle of winter, but I went for a wedding and since it involved four trains, I stayed for a bit longer. I ended up doing most of Chester in a day, which involved being out in the sun, wind, rain, hail and snow (not all at once). It was nice when it was sunny and the wind wasn't blowing. But not otherwise. It was pretty though.

A combination of lots of walking, going up four flights of stairs to my room, swimming 500m every evening (there was an 18m pool in the hotel), wearing my warm winter boots rather than walking shoes meant I ended up with shin splints. Which I've never had before, but I was glad I wasn't staying longer because I couldn't manage any more walking. But my feet were warm.

I got back, woke up the next morning with a cold. I can't just have a cold, it also sets off my asthma and dizziness, so it saps all my energy and I can't breathe. At least it waited until I got back.

I am getting some holidays in while I don't have a hamster, so I'm off to Edinburgh in the spring and another holiday in a few weeks. Usually I plan where to go and then take the time off. This time I've found a weekend I can have off and am yet to decide where to go.

In the meantime I am enjoying the Winter Olympics. A lot of the sports I just need to see a bit and then I've seen it all (except for people falling over). And a lot of them involve so much movement and camera movement that I got too dizzy if I watch too much. None of which counts for the curling. Which this morning included an excellent view of the Norwegian team's trousers.

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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars – February
Thursday 1st February 2018 7:15 pm

This month I'm going to listen to a podfic. I've never tried one because I hate being read to. I tried an audio book once and it drove me mad how slow it was and how much faster it would be to just read the book. But then I liked Jamie reading Belinda Blinked in My Dad Wrote a Porno. But I know podfic is a thing and I'm going to try listening to one.

Does anyone have any recommendations in fandoms I might know? Or know where I can find podfic recs?

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