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Dear Fandom 5k Writer
Sunday 25th March 2018 3:14 pm

WARNING: at the bottom of this letter is THE LIBRARIANS SEASON 4 SPOILERS

Dear Fandom 5k Writer,

In this I have tried to give some ideas of what I like, but they are mainly the things that I've remembered I like. As long as it's not on my dislikes list, then I probably like it. I've given prompts and ideas in case you're the sort of person who finds them helpful. But feel free to disregard them if you want - as long as you write something that features the characters I've requested I'll be happy. I like all the other characters in the fandoms I've requested, so feel free to add in anyone else you want.

- Stories that feel like a piece of canon
- Stories that make me laugh
- Stories that make me cry
- Stories that give me warm, fuzzy feelings
- Banter
- Friendship
- Time travel/playing around with time
- For shippy things: feelings conveyed with just a few touches or meaningful glances

- Non-canonical (permanent) character death
- Anything that requires an adult rating (aside from language, if it's appropriate to the canon)
- Bodily fluids described in detail
- Any relationships not explicitly stated at some point in canon
- AUs that change the setting
- For shippy things: power imbalance

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Beverly Crusher/Will Riker
Canon-Style Plot, Established Relationship, Getting Together, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life

I see these two as having a friends with benefits relationship. Something nice and simple for them both, given that he has this past relationship with Deanna, she has this future relationship with Picard, and then there are the girlfriends/boyfriends of the week. I think they could both use something uncomplicated. And it would be good for them to have some way of dealing with stress while also being close to someone else and without the added difficulties that go with having a relationship with another member of the crew.

Maybe they get together after spending time rehearsing one of Beverly's plays. Maybe they have a mission where they think they're going to die and get together to release the tension. What if they're bother happily doing friends with benefits, but then one of them accidentally falls for the other? How that does that affect their relationship? Do any of the rest of the crew find out? Is there gossip about them, whether accurate or inaccurate? (I am up totally for hilariously inaccurate gossip)

I also ship Riker/Troi, so it would be interesting to see what Deanna thinks of it. Is she all for it, and the person who sets them up together in the first place? Does she chat to Beverly about how good Will is in bed? Or does she find it weird, her two best friends being together? Or is she just "I'm glad you're happy, please don't give me any details"?

When it comes to the whole Odan thing, I'm happy for them to have previously worked it all out and they're fine with it. Or alternatively, they thought they had, and they were fine being friends afterwards, but now it's all got a bit weird.

I'd prefer not to receive Crusher/Riker/Troi.

Doctor Who (1963)
Action/Adventure, Angst, Canon-Style Plot, Character Development, Established Relationship, Fluff, Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort, Slice of Life

I like how we saw Ian and Barbara go on a journey from "this is impossible" to "this is normal now". How he's always the action hero, she gets everyone out of trouble, and they both look after everyone. How he knows his science and she knows her history. I love how Ian thinks Barbara needs looking after because she's a woman, but the reality is the other way round because he's the emotional one. I like that they start off friends, but get closer and end up married.

I'd either like an adventure with the Doctor and Susan or Vicki, or something later after they get home. When do they know that their feelings for each other have changed? When do they admit it? How do the people in their lives react? I'd love some hurt/comfort here, with one of them hurt or missing and the other one worrying and trying to look after or rescue them. Or recovering from an illness or injury and the other one fussing over them (maybe with the injured/ill one thinking that's too much fussing and they're more healed than they really are).

Do they still end up getting involved in alien things when they've got home? Maybe the Doctor inadvertently changes history, but they remember the original and have to find a way to fix it without access to the TARDIS. Are they happy living a boring life - the more boring and normal and not involving adventures the better? What prompts them to become professors at Cambridge? I can see them having a long, stable and happy marriage, but does anything ever threaten that? How do they overcome the threat?

I'd prefer not to have something involving a companion support group.

Sarah Jane Adventures
Action/Adventure, Canon-Style Plot, Character Development, Interpersonal Drama, Sci-fi/fantasy
Luke & Sky

I really liked seeing Luke and Sky meet in person in The Man Who Never Was: how they dealt with it and how they ended up working together. I'd love to see them working together again. Maybe there's something that needs their unique abilities. Or just someone short and someone tall. Or they've just had a lot of experience at saving the world, so they're good at it. Maybe it's something that needs saving from Oxford and Ealing simultaneously. Or it doesn't even have to be something world-saving they work together on. Maybe it's something really mundane like getting Sarah Jane a birthday present without her knowing.

I'd also like to see more of them getting used to being siblings. They might be fond of each other by the end of The Man Who Never Was, but do they ever argue? Are they having to learn how to share? Or maybe Sky visits Luke at Oxford and he thinks his friends will think she's his cute younger sister, but they point out how annoying little sisters are. And he realises that she is annoying like other younger sisters. Or maybe he feels like he has to act like she is to fit in. Or she feels like she has to act like a typical younger sister - whatever that involves (does she try to find out? Does she guess and get it wrong? Or right?). Or conversely, her friends at school thinks older brothers are annoying. Or maybe they both try to find out why other people think siblings are annoying, because they get on so well.

Gita & Sarah Jane
I love Gita. She's always so happy and helpful. There's no nastiness in her. I can't get enough of the Gita saves the world trope. But for this I'd like to see her working with or against Sarah Jane. I don't think Sarah Jane dislikes Gita, but Gita does seem to have a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is not helpful to Sarah Jane.

But what if Gita is in the wrong place at the wrong time, but is helpful, whether accidentally or otherwise? Maybe it keeps happening and Sarah Jane gives in and Gita ends up helping to save the world often. Maybe Gita never finds out about aliens, maybe she does and she's fine with it this time. Maybe it's in the future when Clyde and Rani are off at university and Sarah Jane can't save the world with only Mr Smith and Sky to help. (I'd love to see what Gita thinks of the attic and Mr Smith when she sees them)

Or maybe Gita is in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up hindering Sarah Jane's plans? Sarah Jane ends up saving the world in spite of Gita, and Gita never knows what she's done wrong and why Sarah Jane smiles with gritted teeth at her? Or Gita's been got at by other aliens and is deliberately hindering things.

The Librarians
Nicole Noone
Action/Adventure, Angst, Canon-Style Plot, Character Development, Mystery/Procedural, Sci-fi/fantasy, Worldbuilding

I love Nicole, but I hate what the show did to her in the last season. I really want fic that doesn't involve Evil!Nicole - or if it does then at least has her showing some sort of remorse for her actions.

I like that she knows a lot of stuff, she's a good Guardian and she puts Flynn in his place. I like her relationship with Flynn - and that even when she was evil and she was in charge of the last episode AU she clearly still had some feelings for him (whether romantic or not). She must have learned something from her time as his Guardian (and Edward's) - when she was first trapped in the past did she try and leave Flynn some clues to rescuing her?

I'd like to see more of Nicole at her best: her early adventures with Flynn or with Edward or her time as the Library's Guardian. Is there something she does in the past to play an instrumental role in saving the Library? Maybe one of the previous episodes/movies only ends the way it does due to her help behind the scenes. Is she tempted to change the past at all? Does she meet any previous Librarians or Guardians? Do any of the previous Librarians or Guardians notice a pattern with a mystery woman helping retrieve artifacts? Does Flynn ever think he's seen her, but perhaps dismisses it as guilt/wishful thinking?

Does she show up at the Library post-season 4? How does she react to Flynn and Eve now being immortal? Does she still have feelings for Flynn? Is she jealous of Eve? Is Nicole right and Flynn has a thing about blonde Guardians, much to her annoyance.

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